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This had been a very eventful election, all sorts of things were happening! But in the end, hotboi764 won against peaches70 and anyonka. Let's give him a round of applause!

I decided to ask Ben (hotboi764) a few questions about the race. Here is the interview:

lollyfob: How does it feel to be voted for Senator yet again?
hotboi764: It feels great, especially to be reelected again! :D

lollyfob: I bet it does! How did you make your platform and debate such a success? You got a lot of positive feed back from the voters.
hotboi764: Well, I had three main ideas which were more zero gravity rooms, life time Why-Passes back, and a bank. I made my platform appealing to everyone with ideas to support many things people want.

lollyfob: Ah, life time Why-Passes. How I miss them . . . anywho. Who helped you get through and win this Senate race?
hotboi764: Ooh, lots of people, I actually started to gather a team of helpers a month before the race which helped a lot. My main support was probably from my bud Josh. (FrAnChIz3)

lollyfob: Plan ahead, ah, very clever. Do you have any comments on your opponents, anyonka and peaches70 (also known as Paiton and Mariah)?
hotboi764: My opponents did great this race, I was especially proud of anyonka (Mariah) after finding out I only beat her by 2.2 percent, which was a very close race. Peaches70 (Paiton) also did a good job this race. I'm not sure what happened though she was doing well, but it seemed like she was off-line for a week or so during the voting.

lollyfob: Yes, it was a close race indeed. So, what was the most difficult aspect of this race?
hotboi764: The hardest part of the race had to be putting up with all the negative comments and rumors about me. It was also hard coming up with a good platform and finding good trustworthy supporters.

lollyfob: Trustworthy supporters, touche. Anyways, Ben, Do you have any last comments for our readers?
hotboi764: I'd just like to say thanks to my numerous supporters and voters, I couldn't have done it without you, and I am glad to be elected for the second time!
lollyfob: Mk. Thank you, Ben! = )

Here's lollyfob, giving another cheer for hotboi764.


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