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The IPhone

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With over 200+ patents for the new product, has the company who we've all come to love taken over yet another industry? Yes that's right. Apple Inc. formerly Apple Computers Inc. has ventured into a brand new market, hoping to revolutionize the telecommunications industry.

Apple recently announced the iPhone at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, CA. Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, said "Apple is going to reinvent the phone." The phone isn't like your ordinary Motorola or Nokia handset. This phone offers three applications all in one device. A widescreen iPod, a cellular GSM networked phone and breakthrough Internet capabilities.

The revolutionary handset is touchscreen, so you will no longer have to fiddle with tiny plastic keyboards often seen in SmartPhones. The handset also features three high intelligence sensors and a proximity sensor, so when you bring the phone to your ear the display powers off. The phone also features an ambient light sensor which adjusts your brightness to conserve battery life. The last sensor is an accelerometer; it can determine the way you in which you are holding the device. If you were to hold the device straight and were to tilt it 90 degrees the screen would automatically rotate so you are able to view pictures in their proper formats.

As for software the phone is running with one of the most intelligent and user friendly operating systems. Mac OS X. You are able to scroll through your music, movies and pictures with "just a flick of a finger". The phone also features visual voicemail, no longer should you have to listen to your other messages in your voice mailbox to find a specific one. You are able to import contacts directly from your PC or Mac. The phone also features Wi-Fi, EDGE and Bluetooth technology. The phone is running with Safari, a widely known fully capable Mac browser.

The phone will be available as of June 2007, but you will have to switch to Cingular if you aren't with them already. Apple said Cingular would be the network carrying the phone. The phone will be released in a 4GB GSM Model and an 8GB GSM Model for $499 and $599 respectively. Apple discussed no plans for releasing a CDMA version of the phone. If you are in Canada chances are the carrier will be Rogers Wireless, since it is the only GSM network provider for Canadian cell phones.

Worth it? I would say so.
Happy iPhoning!


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