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The British are Coming!

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I know you've heard the saying, "The British Are Coming!" but that's not the whole story! In this article I will explain Paul Revere's famous midnight ride!

On the 18th of April in 1775, Paul Rever waited eagerly to see the lanterns across the shore at the Old North Chrurch. 1 if by land, and 2 if by sea is the famous quote from Longfellow's poem "The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere." There would be 1 lattern hung at the Old North Church if the British came by land, but if they came by sea, there'd be 2 latterns.

Paul Revere waited and waited for those lanterns across the shore. Finally, a flicker of light, no wait! 2 lights! Off went Paul Revere to warn the people the British were coming! He shouted "The Regulars are coming!" most likely beause most of the citizens were British, and if he shouted "The British are coming!" British citizens would know and get their guns ready to help the mother country.

But was Paul Revere doing this alone? No! He had 2 helpers, Dawes and Read. When Pul Revere and Dawes were captured, which many people did not know because Longfellow didn't include that in his famous poem, Read kept going and made it to Concord and warned everyone to get their guns ready, the British were close behind him!

The farmers got their guns and went to the bridge at Concord. There were only about 50 of them. Then about 700 British soliders came and told them to move. The farmers did not move. Nobody knows who, but someone fired the first shot. That "Was The Shot Heard 'Round The World." Some say that started the Revolutionary War, but it's not proven. The two most famous places were Lexington and Concord.

Feel free to comment this article, and fix anything I might have done wrong. I got all of my information from my school's history book, so if you know something I didn't, feel free to tell me. Be sure to read my next article on the American Revolution!

Now, I'm off to give speeches!
"...Give me liberty or give me death!


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