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Discovering Science: Lather, Rinse, Repeat?

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It is a well known fact that the human species takes showers regularly. In this ritual, the item called "shampoo" is used to cleanse the hair and scalp. Supposedly, they do this twice in a row. Is this necessary? Do they really need to be shampooed twice?

Well, let's look at this whole thing in one perspective. Looks and appearance are a major issue in human civilization. Greasy, filthy hair is a major "no,no" in fashion. To remove this unwanted grease, these creatures "shampoo" their hair. According to the production lines the shampoo comes from, the proper method of cleansing is to repeat shampooing. Through a thorough investigation, I have found that this silly step could be unnecessary! Why, you ask? I'm getting to that. :)

Excessive cleansing can dry out skin. Let's do some connections. Shampoo removes grease, skin dries out without grease, see where I'm going? By removing ALL of the grease from hair and skin, the skin dries out. This fires a signal to the brain that is like, "We are so dry! Give us some hydration!" Then, the brain sends a signal back saying, "Make more grease!" The scalp then produces more grease then it started with making hair have even more greasy!

Say a human's hair is really greasy to begin with. Using shampoo twice could be equivalent to someone with less greasy hair using shampoo once. Not everyone is the same.

So, hair is different for everybody. Each person has to find out if shampooing twice really is necessary yourself because I have no definitive answer. Hopefully, these facts will help you on your mission! From now on, I'm just shampooing once.

What do you do to shampoo? Do you know anyone who doesn't even use shampoo? What about anyone who does something different? May I suggest visiting the BBS?!

Your scientist,


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