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Change the World: Love is not a Crime

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Once again, MTV hits home with another one of their Think campaigns. We all know that discrimination is a huge problem throughout the world. But why would people discriminate over who we love? There are thousands of Americans, and citizens of the world, living with the repercussions of doing absolutely nothing wrong.

Homosexuality is becoming a very difficult topic to talk about these days. Everyone is afraid of stepping on someone else's toes. So I'm not going to tell you what I think is right, or wrong, or what anyone else thinks is right or wrong. I'm going to tell you what you can do to help this minority feel more at home in a straight world.

The first thing you can do is to act. Educate yourself and those around you about homosexuality and the people who describe themselves this way. You have to know that it is not a disease. Learn how to promote tolerance in your school, your home, among your peers, and maybe even the world. Get involved.

Next, speak up. If you hear a rude comment about homosexuals, tell the person it's rude. Nothing is going to change if we let people keep on doing what they're doing. We need to make a difference and let people know that homosexuality is not a crime. Speaking up can be a difficult thing to do, especially if you're in a strange place, but knowing the facts can help you dispel the rumors.

Third, unite. Get involved with pro-rights groups in your community. There is always room for another fighter. If there aren't any groups, make one. You never know, your words and actions could be the ones to spark a universal change in society.

Fourth, be a leader. Talk to the people in power in your surroundings. Be it your teachers, your principals, or local politicians. By working with those in power, you can get people to listen to you and your ideas.

Finally, dig deeper in yourself. No one's perfect, everyone is still going to be judgmental of people in their own little way. Clean up your own act, and then take on the world. Be the voice of change.

To find out more about getting involved with gay rights activism you can ask your parents first, then check out www.think.mtv.com/discrimination.

Thanks for taking time out to change the world,


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