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With Willis4 ? You get More. Name: Will Username: Willis4 Join Date: March, 2001. Time on Whyville: About 6 1/2 years (on and off) Salary: 123 Clams per day. Scions: 3 Accomplishments: - YMAIL Helper ? I know what the citizens need. - VETERAN ? I have been through the ups and downs, and have great experience. - ELECTION ? In February of 2006 I was in the Top 3 Candidates for senate. I finished in second place in the Election. I have run many times, and would make a great senator. - WRITER ? I have been a writer in the Whyville Times. - DESIGNER ? I have designed 58 face parts, which are for sale in Akbar?s. As senator, I will get the City Workers attention, and make my ideas REAL. With me as senator Whyville will: be More Fun ? have More features ? have More things to do ? You need to VOTE for me so that this will happen. Vote Willis4, and REMEMBER?. With Willis4 ? You get More. Ideas: 1. CELLPHONE YMAIL ? Let you check your Ymail from your cellphone. Always know what is in your Ymail. Also, other great Cellphone downloads. 2. SPECIAL FACE PARTS - Create one of a kind, Unique items that can be won through contests. These new very rare items can then be worn, traded, or just bragged about. Only the winner would get it. 3. MUSIC IN WHYVILLE - Convince the City Workers to make a MusicPlayer in Whyville. An old idea, but I would actually make it happen. 4. CROSS ROOM MESSAGE ? Send a quick message to a friends screen, wherever they are in Whyville. They don?t need to check their Ymail. They receive it instantly. Get in touch quickly with Willis4. 5. CIVILIAN ADVERTISING ? Make ways to advertise our stores, clubs, petitions, trades and many more. I want to make it easier for you to get clams, votes, and members. 6. YMAIL HELPER CATEGORIES - Organize YmailHelpers into the categories they specialize in, so newbies would know where too go for the right help. 7. WARP TIME ? Current time of the destination in the Warp Wagon. 8. WHYPASS BONUS ? When you buy a Whypass, you also get clams. That is an even better reason to buy a Whypass. Vote Willis4.


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