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Hello, fellow Whyvillians! Ps2man1(or shane as you know me) here, running yet again for senator. I am very experienced person on Whyville. I have a salary of 139, and I?m still working on it. I?m a y-mail helper, am wealthy, have been on for 2 years now, and am a times writer. Instead of focusing on that, lets focus on the issues and my ideas. I have many ideas, and a lot came from citizens like you! First, I would like lifetime whypasses to come back. Perhaps, twice every year we could have ?Lifetime Days? where people could buy lifetime whypasses on that day. Speaking of bringing back, I would like to bring trivia hour and media hour back. Those were cool, fun ways to earn clams, and they were educational. Fixing some games, like the Sunspot and the fruit can in the spin game are also on my list of ideas. This next one is for them game players out there. Have you ever played a game and were about to win but then the person left and it didn?t count as a game? that should be a lose to the one who left! And on topic of games, chess is very educational and would be good for whyville. Scions should have music, and the drivers would be the Djs, choosing what would be played. There should be a post-it on the front page telling what events are going on and what?s important. Also, a bbs/auction center in the trading post, so you can talk about selling and buying face parts. Also, a trading post try on tool. The wanted whybank would also be on my mind! Come on, who doesn?t want to put their money in a bank and gain interest? Interest could help you learn, even! Lets see, more concerts, with well-known people. Also, an undo button in the face factory. Several zero gravity rooms could make it easier to get the 10 clam raise. Reporting rewards would make it so people would report bad behavior, but only good reports could get them clams! Newbies should get some clams to start off with, maybe 500? Sure they?d make new accounts for clams, but these should be non-transferable. You should be able to pick your seat in the Greek theater. Last of all, for disco parties, there should be reminders sent out 3 days before. Well, I hope that you like my ideas, and that you VOTE ps2man1! So uh, VOTE PS2MAN1! Good-bye! (VOTE PS2MAN1 TO MAKE WHYVILLE MORE FUN!)


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