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What's New This Week

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What's New This Week

Just in time for the holidays, gift-giving comes to Whyville!

Starting this week, whenever you buy anything from the stores at the bazaar, you will get to choose whether you are buying it for yourself or for a friend.

And what better to buy a friend this Christmas in Whyville than a Christmas tree! The Furniture Farm is coming out this week with Christmas trees (BIG and small) and menorahs as well to decorate your room with.

If you buy (or you're given!) a tree, you'll want to decorate it. There are decorations available at the Furniture Farm too, but don't forget, you can also decorate using your hard-won trophies.

So spiff up your rooms, one and all, because we've had a Best House Contest, and we've had a Whyville Face-Off, so it's now time for our first Best Room Contest!

Get your rooms ready now and start voting. Finalists will be announced here in the Times after Christmas, so check back then. In the meantime, enjoy this issue of the times, featuring articles from Whyvillians Hotstuf12, Eugene,or, and Amanda.


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