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Whyville Aircrash

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Whyville Aircrash
The story behind the disaster

by Hotstuf12
Times Reporter

Citizens, there has been a disaster at the new airfield. Mark, the test pilot of the Warp Wagon, accidently crashed into the tower. Mark suffered minor injuries. This is the letter he sent me telling what happened.

"Ok. The whole problem started because it was kind of rainy here on Whyville island. I was putting the finishing touches on the new warp wagon, getting it ready for you guys to play with, but as I was coming in for a landing, I ran smack into the control tower. How did that happen? First, it was windy and rainy. But I've landed lots of times in worse weather than that.

I think the problem was because some of my friends who helped my build the warp wagon, apickard and City Hall, used the English system when they built the windshield, and I used the metric system for the rest of the wagon. So, when they gave me the windshield, it was 3 FEET wide instead of 3 METERS wide.

Anyway, that meant it was WAY too short to fit across the front of the wagon, so there was all this air and rain blowing into the cockpit, and I couldn't see too well.

I bashed up my foot and slammed my head really hard against the wall, but luckily I was wearing a helmet, so I think my brain's all right."

Mark was lucky to have not been hurt but the warp wagon lay crippled. The engineers at Whyville, Mark, and City Hall have reconstructed the warp wagon. Now the finished product can be found at the brand spanking new airfield.

I have taken a test run on it, it is awesome. You can go anywhere, any time. I have been to Antarctica, I have been to Jacksonville, Florida, I have also been to Irtkust, Russia. Please folks, try out this new item in Whyville.

Note from the Editor: Wouldn't you know it, but something pretty much like this happened to NASA's Mars orbiter. Read this article to find out more!

Whyville Airfield and Warp Wagon, good as new


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