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Whyvillian Views

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Whyvillian Views
What do Whyillians do in Whyville?

by Amanda
Guest Columnist

As more and more people come and hang out in Whyville, enquiring minds would like to know what it is that everybody likes the most here. Times columnist Amanda reports:

Interview with catdog

What catdog likes about Whyville the most is meeting people. She also likes that she can buy things with her clams at the bazaar. She likes to meet new people, send people messages and shop. She also posts a lot on the bulletin boards. In the future,these are some of the things that catdog would like to see: whole bodies, restaurants, a school and a mall. Thanks for the interveiw, catdog!

Interview with he-man

What he-man likes the most about Whyville is that you can meet other people now, and most of the people are really friendly. He also likes that this is a complex place with lots to do here. He sees a lot of KaWoods, Carolina, and Fred. He likes to walk in Myville and his favourite chat room is the pool. In the future,he hopes to see a taxi service. Thanks,he-man!

Interview with applegate

What applegate likes the most about Whyville is talking to other people. Her favourite place in Whyville is the pool. She posts a fair amount on the BBS and replies to other people's messages fairly often. In the future,applegate hopes to see more houses and some more stores. Thanks a lot, applegate.

It seems that chatting is the activity liked the best by these three. That's actually my favourite too. With that,Whyville is a lot more fun.


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