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The Mighty Warp Wagon

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The Mighty Warp Wagon
Warp speed ahead!

by Bigfoot Bill
Times Staff

Boy, the Warp Wagon must've been made just for me! I don't think there's been a single thing in Whyville that's been quite this exciting for me. Now, I can travel to the ends of the world anytime I want. It's fantastic. My reporter buddy at the Times, Hotstuf12, also checked it out, and here's what he had to say:

"I have taken a test run on the warp wagon, it is awesome. You can go anywhere, any time. I have been to Antarctica, I have been to Jacksonville Florida, I have also been to Irtkust Russia. Please folks, try out this new item in Whyville."

And here is what you do to try this zippy new wagon out:

Go to the Whyville Airfield, and find the Warp Wagon. Enter the wagon by clicking on the door, and seat yourself right in the pilot's seat.

The globe you see in front of you represents the Earth. The Warp Wagon can take you to any city on this globe that's marked by a yellow point. To travel to a city, simply spin the globe around to find the continent it is on, zoom in to see the labels, and click on the city to pick it.

Let's say you want to go to Los Angeles, California. Here's what you would do:

Click and drag the globe to spin it until you see the west coast of the United States. Click the "Zoom In" buttons a couple of times, and you'll see that the cities are now labeled.

Los Angeles is almost on the coast, in the southern part of California. California is the southernmost state on the west coast, and is sort of shaped like a sock.

Find the point on the globe that is labeled Los Angeles and click on it. The point on the globe will turn green, and down on the dashboard of your Warp Wagon, you'll see the name of your chosen city next to the "Go To" button. If it doesn't say 'Los Angeles - CA', then you'll probably want to try again.

Once you've got the right city, you need to pick the date you want to arrive in. Use the arrows on your dashboard to scroll to the right month and day. If these controls are unresponsive, it might be because the globe is still spinning. Click on the globe to make it stop spinning, and you should've have any trouble. When you've got it all set, click the "Go To" button, and off you'll go.

Note: sometimes the controls on your dashboard may disappear. What can we say -- when you're traveling at warp speed, weird things happen. The key is not to panic. Calmly exit the wagon and come back in, and they should reappear.

When you've arrived, you'll see a scene of the city through your windshield. If you change your mind and decide that you don't even want to go outside, click the "Pick Destination" button to see the globe again.

If you're curious enough to go outside, click on the door handle. Your Solstice Safari robot tour guide will be there waiting for you. Mouse over him, and he'll tell you what to do.

When you're done with this city and you're ready to go somewhere else, return to your Warp Wagon by clicking on it. Use the "Pick Destination" button to call up the globe, and from there you should know what to do.

To return to Whyville, you'll need to find Whyville on the globe as well. Whyville is an island off the coast of California.

Here's a summary list of instructions:

  1. If you don't see the globe, click the "Pick Destination" to call it up.
  2. Spin the globe and zoom in or out to find your location.
  3. Click on your city of choice.
  4. Make sure the right city shows up next to the "Go To" button.
  5. Choose the month and day you want to go to.
  6. Click the "Go To" button to go.
  7. Click on the door to exit your wagon.

Happy journeys!

Whyville Airfield and Warp Wagon


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