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A to Z Artists: H

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Since Fallyn won't get online, I'm forced to do 'H' by myself. She did, however, tell me one of the bands that she wanted to do, so I'll be sure to include them.

Today I've got four artists for you to look up and enjoy.

Hollywood Undead: This is for Fallyn! Hollywood Undead has a total of six band members, including the founders J-Dog and Tha Producer. After they created a MySpace Music account and loaded some music on it, the account "exploded like TNT," and they were popular only after one day. They beat out From First to Last, Nine Inch Nails and Coldplay and got to number one on the MySpace music charts. Now, Hollywood Undead consists of J-Dog, Da Kurlzzz, Charlie Scene, Tha Producer, Funny Man, The Server.

Hoover: Hoover was formed in Washington DC in 1992. You may have heard of some of the band members being a part of other bands, since they broke up in 1994. Fredrick Erskine was with HiM and June of 44, Alex Dunham was with Radio Flyer, Christopher Farrall was with Winds of Change and Joseph McRedmond was with Admiral. In 1993, they released The Lurid Traversal of Route 7 and then came back together in 1997 to release a self-titled compilation CD and then in 2004 for a European tour.

The Human Abstract: Formed in 2003, they've released one EP (The Human Abstract EP) and, after they signed with Hopeless Records in 2005, one full length album (Nocturne) and they're currently working on an untitled album to be released this year. They've toured with a lot of famous bands including Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Protest the Hero, It Dies Today and The Devil Wears Prada. They'll also perform in the Take Action! tour this year. (Remember LASPTBTOE . . . ?)

Hawk Nelson: In February of 2006, Hawk Nelson was voted Favorite New Artist by CMM Magazine in their 2006's Readers Choice Awards. They're signed with Tooth & Nail Records and since has released two albums, and are getting ready to release another. In July of 2004, they released Letters to the President, in April of 2006, they released Smile, It's The End of the World and on April 1st of this year, they will release Hawk Nelson is My Friend.

That's it for me this week, Whyvillians. I'll be back next week with 'I'!

This is bluebag, going to make some muffins . . .
(We dare not stop, the night is young, we've just begun . . . )


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