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Hey, Whyville Times readers! I'm back once again to show you more little known and new artists and bands.

(Whistle blow) Ok, now let's get started!

The first band I'd like to introduce to you is (grabs microphone) . . . One True Thing! One True Thing is a pop/rock band from Long Island, New York. The band was originally called Scarab, but later changed their name. Members of One True Thing include Melanie Wills (vocals), Mike Pilato (bass), Ray Greene (drums), and Milan Millevoy (guitar). It is said that Antonio Longo, who formerly played the bass for the band, returned and is currently part of the band again. One True Thing's debut album, Finally . . . , came out in 2004. It included some of the popular songs "Who's Amazing", "Bloom", and "Monster". The album has 12 songs in all. Mix a folksy, intense female voice with awesome guitar and drum skills and you come up with One True Thing! If you like girl lead power jams, you're bound to love One True Thing!

The next band in this article is (bangs on drums) . . . Some Random Band! Isn't that just the most awesome name ever?! Anyways, Some Random Band can go into a variety of genres but I think that they are mostly alternative rock, rock, and a little punk. Members of the band include Paul Hummel (guitar and lead vocals), Mitch Nelson (drums), Zach Flower (bass), and Brandon Fuelling (lead guitar and vocals). The band came up with its name when Paul Hummel said, "We're just some random band." The band just released its debut album, More or Less, in 2007 so they're fairly new. More or Less has the songs "Breathe" and "Before You Fal"?. The album has 13 songs total. What's also cool about this band is that they write all their songs. If you like cool lyrics and good vocals and guitar skills, you'll definitely like Some Random Band!

Sorry but this article has come to an end. Be sure to check back next week for more new and not well-known artists and bands! Thanks for reading!

This is Lovely432, going to turn off my computer!


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