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Last week ago holiday50 wrote an article about Whyville's first concert. In the BBS people posted who they want. There were some outrageous answers like Linkin Park, Evanescene, Plain White T's and Taylor Swift. I found two realistic possibilities though, Hannah Montana and Hilary Duff. Hannah Montana's main audience is younger kids which Whyville does have plenty of. She is incorporated with Disney and it would be great advertisement for her. Hillary Duff might come because she also attracts younger kids. She does concerts and is also a part of Disney. To me I could picture Hilary Duff on Whyville.

I went around and interviewed some random people and some well known writers who they wanted.

Baxierox: Who do you want to see in concert on Whyville?
amhot: I want Simple Plan to come because they are my favorite band and they inspire me.
XcaLLmE: If I could see a concert on Whyville I'd want it to be something that wasn't like pop, like most have been. I would rather see something like rock, but not hardcore because of the young Whyvillians. Some suggestions would be maybe Alexisonfire, Billy Talent, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, The Fall of Troy, in Flames. Something along those lines.
Eric5675: I'd like to see any oldies artist. Sorry that's not very specific, but to throw out a name, let's say David Bowie.

Baxierox: Why do you want them to come?
Eric5675: I want him to come because I like his music. XcaLLmE: I'd want them to come because it's more of the kind of music I enjoy rather then Hannah Montana or Jonas Brothers etc . . .

Baxierox: Do you think they would come?
XcaLLmE: I'm not sure if they would come or not but I'm guessing it's worth a try.
amhot: I think they would come because maybe they would just like to see how many people are their fans.
Eric5675: No, I don't think he would come. He's sort of old.

Baxierox: Do you think other people would go to the concert?
amhot: I think they would come because they inspire a lot of other people too.
XcaLLmE: I think lots of people would go, maybe more of the older Whyvillians but, I'm not positive. Most Whyvillians go to events since there isn't one every day.
Eric5675: I don't even think the oldest CW would come and see him. I have taste in "older" music, I guess you could say.

I was talking to xo7joao7x about his topic and she had a different view that I agree with.

Baxierox: So who do you want in concert on Whyville?
xo7joao7x: No one, I think concerts are lame. There are people I want to see in concert but not virtually. Virtual concerts are lame because it defeats the purpose of live music and it's not really live. I think instead of doing mainstream people like they have they should do more alternate bands. If they can't deliver live music, introduce someone that Whyvillians haven't heard much of. Having a virtual concert is as easy as downloading off Limewire.

I for one agree with Joa's opinion. When we listen to a virtual concert we are just listening to music off the computer. Sure there may be an avatar dressed like a celebrity but you can make that yourself. I have only attended the first two minutes of the Cheetah Girls concert and no other ones because I find them boring. A concert is like listening to your iPod while staring at a screen.

Although many of the suggested people are unlikely to have a concert, I'm sure many of you would want to see them too. From the people listed, I would only see Billy Talent or Plain White T's. I would go see Bon Jovi who I was lucky enough to see live last Monday. Red Hot Chili Peppers I would enjoy as well.

Who do you want? Do you agree with any of these? Post your comments or stories in the BBS.



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