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The other day, my friend sent me an e-mail saying: hey those of you who care enough to read this! on march 28th @ 8pm (Eastern Standard Time) if you would all turn out all the lights in your house and keep them off for one hour this will help our environment, save energy, and reduce the green house effect! yay!

The second I got this e-mail I sent it to every single person in my e-mail address book and Whyville address book. That's when someone wrote me back saying that I should write an article about it, and more people would know about this and participate in it. So here I am.

This gave me a good idea. What would happen if everyone turned off their lights, or even all of their electricity, at the exact same time? Who knows what would happen? As my friend said, it could reduce the greenhouse effect, which means the theory of global warming could be proved. But there are other possible outcomes. A silly one my dad suggested was that the Earth would explode, but that is very unlikely.

Even if you don't believe in global warming, or think this idea is stupid, don't stop reading now, hear me out. Wouldn't you hate to be the reason that this experiment didn't work out? Or what if you participated and this really worked?

What: Turn off all of the electricity in your house including lights, computer, T.V., etc.
When: March 28, 2008
Time: 5 p.m. Whyville Standard Time
How Long: 10 minutes

You could also unplug anything in your house, such as clocks, refrigerators, microwaves, anything that runs on electricity.

Make sure you find as many ways as you can to pass around this message. Post fliers, send e-mails, y-mails, or mails on any other site you get on. You could even try and contact a local news station.

But don't procrastinate, we don't have much time.

Thanks for your support,


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