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CupOfCake's Sweet Advice: Stress - Part 1

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Stress, isn't it such a lovely thing? Pfft, we teenagers seem to always get stressed out over anything, especially school, am I right? Stress = tests, quizzes, homework, etc. I always get stressed out when I have to study for anything, because I always seem to stay in the same place with the same material for so long. It drives me NUTS. I hate studying for anything, to tell you the truth. And I always, repeat always, wait until the last hour or so before the class starts, to study. That puts even more stress on me. I know a lot of people who will start studying the week of the test, for an hour each day. I just can't seem to sit my bum down on the chair, open the book and read (my eyes reading, not my bum.) But I have learned even if you study for 30 minutes or even 10 it helps. At least, it does for me.

Homework, it's so fun, isn't it? I don't mind doing homework as long as it isn't 6-7 pages long. That's what really gets to me. It seems even if you know it, it's overwhelming. Especially seeing as it is very time-consuming and I know a lot of us always think/say, "Gosh, I will never use this crap. Why Did Ms. Smith assign 6 freakin' pages of homework. She always gives it to the class that doesn't understand it. I mean 6 pages? I don't even know it, and there's a test tomorrow. I will never use this in the real world anyway." The thing is, you will use most (not all, but most) of the stuff you learn in school. And if you don't understand it, get a tutor. You just have to remember this: what's more important, going and hanging out with your friends for a few hours, or studying for a few hours and bettering yourself and your education? You don't want to end-up being a 'lazy-turd' or an uneducated bum, now do you? I'm not saying if you don't do your homework you're going to become a bum, but it's best if you just do it. You think the 6 pages is bad now? Wait until it builds up and you have 10-13 pages. Suck it up, and do it. (And like I said, if you really don't understand if: ask your teacher to help you more, or your parents, or just get a tutor.)

Quizzes, they're a BREEZE compared to tests, but not the way my grades go. If I get an 86% it's a C, and if I get a 94% it's a B. This puts the most stress on me seeing as my quiz questions are always worth 8-10 points each. So why am I making a big fuss over quizzes? The points, they're more than the tests, which is why, even though I do study for quizzes, I always get stressed out over them. Because I hate telling my mother that I got an 80% on a quiz (which is a C-) and that I failed it. I hate failing quizzes, because it makes me feel uneducated. Especially seeing as they're easy questions and I knew them, but stress got the better of me. And yes I do know that quiz points don't matter, but, when I take one and get an 84% or something, then I know that I have to study even more for the tests, which is stressful.

So, by now I'm sure you've guessed this week's theme is stress-related to school. And I know that stress overcomes a lot of teenagers' lives, and even people in general. This is why stress (along with anxiety and animal abusers) is public enemy number 1. I've also got some study tips for you all and some test/quiz tips.

Just Do It (Homework Edition)

-Never cram all your homework together; it will just build up stress. Instead, do a page or two at a time and go outside for 30 minutes or so, and then come back in and make a routine of it.

-Study with a friend. Play a board-game and instead of using the question cards, ask questions from your text book.

-Don't complain about your homework (even though I sort of did), it will just seem worse and worse every time you think about it. So don't think about it just do it.

-Make up your own personal quiz. Write down a few hard questions, study for a little while, then take your personal quiz and see if you know it better then you did.

Just Do It (Test Edition)
*These advice answers are probably known, but they're still very good tips.

-If you don't know a question, skip it and come back.

-If there is an essay on the test and it requires you to write-down three important facts, but you can't think of three, write-down at least one (if you can think of one.) And while you're answering other questions on the test, you might think of some answers.

Just Do It (Quiz Edition)

-Always stay calm if there are several questions you don't know. Chances are if you don't think about them, the answers might come to you (might is the keyword in this sentence.)

-If you still can't think of the answer, and you're being timed, write down an answer you think it MIGHT be. Hey, you can guess on a quiz, there's no harm in that.

I really hope these tips will help a lot of Whyvillians. They're fun and reliable, believe me. So, you've got a test tomorrow? Go study, but remember, take a few breaks to read the rest of the articles in the Whyville Times.

This is CupOfCake signing off.


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