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"It's hard to describe her without writing my own WITS on her. She's funny, helpful, and a great friend. I only met her recently, but we immediately became great friends. She's creative, talented and beautiful in so many ways I can only be thankful I found her." -xo7Joa7ox

"Alli is so hilarious. She's always happy and she's really nice. She's crazy and hyper and fun to be around." -Morgan612

"Alli is love. She is very thoughtful and always caring. She deserves this award entirely over everyone else. You would classify alli as an all around person, she's great is every way" -Iamtodd

"Alli is awesomeeee. She's always so sweet and nice and is always a good friend. She's funny, too, and likes playing the ^ "I must be honest, I do not know Alli very well - but I DO know that she is really nice and amazingly funny; she deserves to get some recognition of all the smiles she brings to mine and many other Whyvillian's faces!(:" -Ushersg

"She's fun to talk to." -Ps2man1

"Alli is sooo sweet. She's nice to pretty much everyone she talks to. ALLI'S A BABE." -Nerdish

Anyone who gets their so's and awesome's stretched out several letters must be extremely special. This week's Whyvillian in the Spotlight sure is.

There are people that you like talking to. There are people that make you chuckle, and even smile. There are people that you don't mind calling your friends.

Then there are the special people that in an instant can change your attitude from sad to happy. The people that enrich your life and you thank god every day that they are there going through life with you.

I have found one of these people.

I don't like talking to her, I love talking to her. She doesn't make me chuckle, she makes me burst out laughing. I am honored to call her my friend, as I know many of you are.

You can call her Alli, if you like. For us special folks, Slushie, or Airhead (The candy, obviously! Alli is not unintelligent) would do fine, too. Names at the moment really don't matter, because it's her personality that makes her special.

For a long time I've been saying, you can get a WITS for writing in the Times, you can get a WITS for being a famous designer, but in the end of the day, Whyvillians are just people and I think some of these people deserve WITS because their personality makes Whyville better. Alli is one of them. Alli joined our lovely little home site October '06, she's been making all of us smile for a little less than two years. Over that time, Alli has become a great friend to many of us, and also a Y-mail helper. "I like hearing some of the dumb questions newbies ask." Alli laughs. She does her job well, although. Alli is always thorough, helpful, and informative.

"So . . . how old are you?" I asked during one late afternoon conversation a few weeks ago. "You must have told me, but I've forgotten. Fifteen or sixteen, right?"

I remember her answer distinctly. She laughed and said "Twelve, Emmy!"

This made my jaw drop to the floor. I didn't know it was possible for a twelve year-old to be so mature, funny and edgy. But that was the truth. Alli is twelve years old, lives in Florida, and still continues to surprise me every day.

Alli is a perfect mixture of everything you'd want in a friend - humor, listening skills, kindness, the right balance of sarcasm and incredible intelligence. I can talk to her about anything, the odd, the scary, the random, and she always has something important to add to a conversation.

You can only learn so much about Alli from my point of view. I decided to ask her a couple of random, fun questions to get to know her better.

Glitsygrl: What kind of music do you like? What's your favorite song right now?
RoseeKat: I like rock . . . I have 2 favorite songs right now . . . "The City is At War" by Cobra Starship, and "Feedback" by Janet Jackson.
Glitsygrl: Blue ink or black ink in your pen?
RoseeKat: Black ink.
Glitsygrl: What's your favorite thing to do on Whyville?
RoseeKat: Talking to people at the Trading Post, Room One
Glitsygrl: Favorite food? Least favorite food?
RoseeKat: Shrimp, Crab Legs. Lima beans = EW
Glitsygrl: Do you have an idol? If so, who are they and why?
Roseekat: I don't really have one . . .
Glitsygrl: What's your biggest fear?
RoseeKat: Traveling to space!
Glitsygrl: What is the one thing about people that annoys you the most?
RoseeKat: When they make me do things I don't want to do.
Glitsygrl: What would you say your style was? Like sporty/preppy, ect.
RoseeKat: I'd say . . . kinda preppy/ loooooser
Glitsygrl: Describe yourself in one word:
RoseeKat: Loud
Glitsygrl: Describe your life in one word:
RoseeKat: Amazing . . . I feel blessed that I have had such awesome friends & family members.
Glitsygrl: What is the most important moral/personality trait in your opinion?
RoseeKat: Generosity, because in my opinion it will always come back to help you if you are generous . . .


I can't sum her up in a few words. Not a paragraph, and not even a whole Whyvillian in the Spotlight. There are so many parts of Alli that are so unique, special and beautiful, I can't start to name them all.

As you can see, WITS is not just for famous Whyvillians, the Times Writers and fashion icons. It's also for the people who's personality makes Whyville shine a little brighter, who make our day a little better. I would like to say thank you, Alli. From all of us who have the privilege of knowing you.



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