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Hi, fellow music fanatics! This is Lovely432, back once again with more amazing music! As you all probably know, I didn't send in an article last week. I was extremely busy with soccer practices and homework, and I just want to say sorry! Well, now that that's out of the way, let's get on with this article! I hope you like the two bands that I have included this week!

Read on . . . if you dare!

I'd like to start this article off with (dramatic pause) . . . The Graduate! I found out about this band when I met a girl who supposedly is the cousin of one of the band members! The Graduate is an alternative rock band that hails from Springfield, Illinois. The band was formed in November of 2005. Members of this band include Jared Wuestenburg (bass guitar), Tim Moore (drums), Matt Kennedy (keyboard, guitar, and vocals), Max Sauer (guitar and vocals), and Corey Warning (vocals). The band released their debut album, Horror Show, in April 2006. It has the songs, "Sit and Sink" and "Formula" on it. The album is an EP, so it only has 6 songs on it.

A year later, on April 10, 2007, The Graduate released their first full-length album called Anhedonia. The album has 12 songs in all and includes the songs "Surround Yourself", "Anhedonia", and "The City That Reads". A couple months ago, on November 27, 2007, the band released another EP called The Evergreen EP as an early Christmas present for their fans and supporters. The EP has 6 songs in all, as well as bonus features, like EP Album Artwork. It also has acoustic versions of some of their songs, like "The City That Reads". The Graduate is an amazingly talented band. Their songs have a good rock vibe with a faint dance/techno feel in them! When you listen to them, you can't help but bopping your head and dancing along to the rhythm of the music. If you're interested, check out some of their songs (my personal favorites are "Anhedonia", "Formula", and "Justified")!

Ok, the next band that I would like to introduce you to is (dun dun dun) . . . A Change of Pace! A Change of Pace is a punk/rock/alternative rock band that comes from Peoria, Arizona. Members of the band include Jonathan Kelley (drums), Dan Parker (guitar and vocals), Johnny Abdullah (bass and vocals), Adam Rodgers (lead guitar), and Torry Jasper (lead vocals). The band was born in 2001 when Jonathan and Torry began playing together after meeting in a class in high school. A few years later, Dan, Johnny, and Adam joined the band. A Change of Pace released their debut album, Change Is the Only Constant, in 2003. The album is an EP. "A Vague Memory" and "Goodbye for Now" are two of the seven songs on it.

Two years later, in 2005, the band released their first full-length album, An Offer You Can't Refuse. It includes songs from their EP, such as "Queen of Hearts", as well as new songs, like "Every Second". The album has 11 songs total. A year later, on August 15, 2006, the band came out with their sophomore full-length album, Prepare the Masses. Prepare the Masses contains the songs "Take Care" and "Weekend Warriors". The album has 12 songs in all. The band is currently working on their next album. If you like good alternative rock and bands like Fall Out Boy and All Time Low, you'll definitely like A Change of Pace. They have awesome vocals and cool lyrics! Try to listen to some of their songs. My favorite song by them is "A Song the World Can Sing Out Loud".

Well, I'm sorry to say that this is the end of this article. Thanks for reading. Be sure to check back next week for more music!

This is Lovely432, going to hang out at the Airfield!


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