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Does It Matter What Religion We Believe In?

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Author's Note: I did not write this article to offend anyone or any religion in the world. I'm just expressing my opinions here.

It seems like everyday, fights break out because of religion differences. If you have a religion you're really devoted to, it would be really upsetting if someone tried to influence you into their beliefs. What if you disagree with someone's way of life? Would you want to tell them that it's stupid to believe in those things?

Some people tend to be discriminated against people who don't think the way they do. Therefore, they insult the beliefs of the other person. If there's something I've learned in life, it's that fighting about this kind of stuff is pointless. Sure, it can be hard to stand someone who talks about something you don't like, but think about it. If you try to talk someone out of their religion, they might just fight back. Then, you start telling them that it's just pointless to sit there and worship a certain god they're worshiping. When you fight fire with fire, all you get is a bigger fire. The chance of them changing their mind will be one in a million.

Throughout history, there have been millions hatred between groups of people because of religions. For instance, during World War II, the Nazi executed many Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, and other people who are non-Christian. They believed that those groups didn't deserve to live, especially the Jews. By doing that, people now see them as the most cruel and inhumane thing that had ever happened in history.

Let's look at my experience. Not long ago, a guy in my class started walking around, asking people what their religion is. He questioned me and I told him I'm an atheist. Apparently, he's a Christian and really devoted to Jesus Christ. So he started telling me that I'm senseless since I don't believe in any god. Of course, I don't really understand how I'm supposed to be "senseless" because I'm an atheist. By just insulting me, I did not change my mind.

I respect other religion, so I just want you to do the same. It should not matter what religion we are. What really matters is what's inside our heart. If you like someone for who they really are, you shouldn't care about what they believe in.



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