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Continential Curiosity: Africa

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Author's Note: I will attempt to do all of the continents for my new series, "Continental Curiosity". So, to start off my series I will explain Africa in different ways, and its features.

Interest Fact!
Did you know?

Africa has the largest amount of resources than ANY other continent on the earth! That might seem surprising, but it is true.

Geographical Features

The largest river in Africa (also in the entire world) is the Nile River, flowing over 6,500 miles! The river actually flows into the LARGEST lake in Africa, Lake Victoria, to which is also the world 2nd largest Salt-Water lake in the world. In Tanzania, they have a large mountain called, Mount Kilimanjaro, which runs up over 19,000 feet. Cairo, located in Egypt would be Africa's standing biggest city with 9.2 million people. WOW! Lastly, the Sahara desert expands 1/2 a mile a month, which is also a problem due to less grassland.

Did you know?

In Africa today, 4 out of 5 of the fastest living animals live here. These include the cheetah, Thomson's gazelle, the lion, and the wildebeest!

With not many places animals can live, Africa doesn't have much wildlife. Some of the animals are penguins, frogs, cheetahs, and fish! Although not many, some of Africa's animals are important. Consisting of, the cheetah (fastest animal in the world) running 95 km/h! That's quite fast! Africa also consists of the world's largest and heaviest beetle, the goliath beetle.

Problems and Health
Did you know?

The world's largest hospital is in Africa, in the city of Soweto! Amazing!

Malaria is a HUGE disposition to Africa. 3000 kids under the age of 5 die of malaria each day.

Aids is another HUGE disposition to Africa. 25 million people in Africa today are HIV positive. In the sub parts of Africa, 17 million (and rising) have also died due to Aids.

Did you know?

World Book Encyclopedia claims that Africa has 150 million African Muslims and 130 million African Christians!

Now, based on the Encyclopedia Britannica here are some percentiles of Africa's religions. 46.5% of all African's are Christians, while 40.5% of all African's are mainly Muslims. Those are big amounts and take up much of Africa's religion. Others that follow African religions are 11.8%. The remainders of the percentiles are Hindu, Baha'i, or African Jews.

Did you know?

53 African countries have some football teams in the CAF (Confederation of African Football). Also, just like in other countries football to us is soccer to them, so when I say African football it really is soccer. They just switch the words for their language.

Africa isn't really big into sports. In 2010, South Africa will host the World Cup Tournament. This is the very first time any African country is able to do this. One of the other famous sports is cricket, played mainly by South Africa, Kenya, and Zimbabwe! A few of the other sports they participate in are, long-distance running (mainly in Kenya) and Rugby. South Africa also won the 1995 Rugby World Cup and the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed this, comments and constructive criticism is always necessary.



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