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To Vote or Not To Vote

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Hello, brunetty2 here. A big topic in the United States today is the 2008 election. Are you voting for a Republican or Democrat? Do you think kids our age should have a say in who our President will be? Well, I went to find out what other Whyvillians think about this.

I interviewed lildev94. She had some good answers to my questions.

Brunetty2: Who do you think should win the election?
lildev94: I think Hilary Clinton should win.
Brunetty2: Why do you think so?
lildev94: She is independent. She listens to what the people want. She has wonderful ideas about Iraq. I think she will be a great leader.
Brunetty2: Do you think Hilary is a better candidate for the Democratic party than Barrack Obama?
lildev94: Well, he has the same qualities, but he has gotten into a couple ditches that he could not get out of.
Brunetty2: Do you think that kids (when I mean kids I mean people from the ages of about 12 to 18) should have a say in the election?
lildev94: Yes, our generation should be heard. It is our president too. He or she will affect our generation the most I believe.

I also interviewed amber7233. She had different views than lildev94, but just as good!

Brunetty2: Who do you think should win the election?
Amber7233: I think John McCain would be the best president.
Brunetty2: Why do you believe so?
Amber7233: I think he is just a "born leader" and I just do not like some of the views of Democrats. Plus, he has good ideas for our economic growth.
Brunetty2: Do you think that kids should have a say in the election?
Amber7233: Yes, of course, because kids know a lot about politics from what they learn in school.

Finally, I interviewed Joofus. She had, yet again, different views than the other two people I interviewed, but she had very intelligent answers.

Brunetty2: Who do you think will win the election?
Joofus: Barrack Obama.
Brunetty2: Why do you believe so?
Joofus: I believe he will bring the most change. He is inspiring to others. He is a good speaker. He is very honest. Plus, I think he will be the best for fixing the problems in Iraq.
Brunetty2: Do you think Hilary Clinton could beat Obama in the Democratic votes?
Joofus: Do not get me wrong, she would make a fine president, but she is not likable with many people. Plus, I feel Obama will do a better job.
Brunetty2: Do you think that kids should have a say in the election?
Joofus: Well, they should definitely have a say in the election, but they should not vote yet because they are not well educated in politics yet.

So, as you can see, everyone has an opinion, even kids. The 2008 presidential election has been a big debated issue for the past year. Whoever wins, we all hope for a leader that can make our country great and who can bring us closer together as a nation. "To the republic, for which it stands . . . One nation under God."


Author's Note: These are only opinions. So, bashing these people's opinions in the BBS is a mockery of our first amendment. The quote at the end of the article is from the Pledge of Allegiance. It does not mean for the persuasion of religion. Some of these interviews have been edited for educational purposes. Thank you for reading!


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