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Whyvillian in the Spotlight

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This week's Whyvillian in the Spotlight is none other than you friendly CW, Guavaleaf!

I have known Guavaleaf for five years. I cannot believe it has been that long! We met in college while we were working at the Student Union. Funny enough, Guavaleaf initially started out as my supervisor but it wasn't before long that she became my friend. We eventually started working at Whyville together as well.

When I realized I would need to get a job to make it through college, I dreaded the experience. I was having too much fun already, and thought that having to go to work would mess all of that up. Boy, was I wrong! Guavaleaf made going to work a blast. She was always smiling, laughing, and making the most out of every situation. She introduced me into the group of people who were working there and they welcomed me with open arms. They ended up becoming my best friends during college. They were and still are some of the best people I have ever known. We worked early mornings and late nights together and Guavaleaf was always there, encouraging and supporting us. From our green work shirts into our blue, going to work with Guavaleaf was always a joy.

I spent the next summer in Los Angeles instead of going home, and sure enough, Guavaleaf was there to make it exciting! I spent many a nights sleeping on her couch; some of my most memorable times happened that summer and she is in most of them.

Not only is Guavaleaf a great friend, but she is also smart, funny and beautiful on the inside and out. I am honored to be her coworker and friend. Please say hello the next time you see her; she's a wonderful friend and person and truly a Whyvillian in the Spotlight.

Yours in Whyville,


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