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Author's Note: This is not meant to offend anyone going into middle school. I promise you that next summer you'll read this article and laugh.

If you're reading this, I have school tomorrow. Yes, school. The first day. I'm nervous but not freaking out like I was last year. Anyway, I'll be an eighth grader now. Not the immature seventh grader I was a year ago.

I may have been going to middle school for the first time. No big deal, right? Wrong. I had just moved from Texas to Pennsylvania. I didn't have any friends. My world had been completely turned upside down. That summer I had declared myself as a confident and outgoing person. But I was really trying to cover the fact I was scared inside. I didn't know how to look or how to act. I tried wearing v-necks like the other girls I met before school started, but all I ended up doing was embarrassing myself because of the acne on my chest. So finally around November I threw out all of my v-necks and tight fitting clothing because I hated them. I pulled out my old tourist t-shirts and got my eyebrows waxed too (that was painful). I was really happy with myself. I had been waiting to get rid of those bushy eyebrows forever.

So come December I still didn't like the way I was looking, again. I studied myself every night trying to see what I didn't like about myself and to see if I could fix it. And on Christmas Eve it struck me. My hair was too wavy and my acne was looking awful. So on Christmas morning I let my hair air dry instead of blow drying it after a shower and the results were amazing. I freaked out. I loved my hair! It was straight, smooth, and layered, but short and in a different fashion than everyone else's. I was becoming unique!

I attempted to cover my acne with makeup but I just proved I could never be a makeup artist. The foundation I chose was too dark and looked "caked on". So until April I gave up on the idea of covering my acne and just struggled on my own. But one day, mom whipped out the makeup brush and I was "zit-free." I was taught how to make myself "zit-free" and started wearing it everyday from then on.

And after April I became me. It was an amazing journey. I got more and more friends. I branched out and helped other people. I felt so good about myself. I was nice, caring, and friendly. I began my own advice column in my school newspaper because people often asked me for advice. I was nominated for student-council president but I refused and let my next door neighbor take the lead instead. I'm sure he'll be a great president.

So when school ended I was very sad. It was like my second home. I loved every person in my hallway.

Of course there ware people who hate me. I have no idea way. I'm not any prettier than they are. I don't threaten them in any way. I guess they just need prey to feel powerful. Oh well. Their words don't hurt me. I just hope they will come out of their insecureness someday.

But today I'm going to stare at the sky and just lay in the grass. I'm going to watch the clouds ravel and unravel into different shapes. I'm going to appreciate life and give my last goodbye to summer. But I won't be sad about it. Because this year I'm going to have a such an amazing chance.

I'm going to do every single thing I can to help the new kids, seventh and eighth graders.

I can't wait to become someone else's friend. I love knowing I'm making people happy! It gives me such joy. I made an oath to myself I would start loving everyone and everything. This is my chance to prove to myself I can do it. I can't wait to help someone else discover who they really are, and help them shine. I'm ready to step out of the spotlight and help someone else into it. I want to help people accomplish dreams, and finish their goals!

I will admit I am going to have a good laugh at the seventh graders this year. But it'll only be because that was MY grade last year. Also considering the fact that school starts here at 7:35 while it starts at 8:50 in the elementary schools.

I wasn't sharing that story earlier to make you feel sorry for me. I HATE sob stories anyway. I just wanted to prove to you that if you think you're ugly, you can make yourself into a beautiful person, inside and out. I'm proof. And even if you don't have a boyfriend or your crush won't talk to you that doesn't make you ugly. It just means those guys are completely blind to what an INCREDIBLE person you are.

So . . .

Are you ready to help some new kids or what?



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