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My Views On Music: The Real Reason

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Author's Note: I understand a lot of people don't believe things I believe. Take in to consideration that this is not meant to offend anyone, but instead to give you a new perspective to look from. Also, I know exactly how insane this all sounds - no need to tell me.

At the beginning of the year I wrote an article, "Accepting Not Conforming" (article ID: 8188), explaining that I only listen to Christian music. A lot of you asked why, but I never really explained it. I wanted everyone to understand, but it was too complicated and there were too many things to explain that I just didn't have the time (or patience) to write them all out. But now, at 2:00am in the morning, when I'm not tired in the least bit, I finally feel like getting it all out.

Stay with me, this is gonna go deep.

Most people think it's the lyrics. They'll say, "It's okay, this song doesn't say anything bad," and try to get me to listen to a song. Newsflash: it's not about the lyrics. Sure, lyrics play some kind of role in it, but honestly not a very big one. What you fill your head with, is what comes out of it. And that might be good reason right there. But that's not my reason.

The music I listen to becomes me, in a sense. When I listen to a song, it's like it's a part of me. And why would I "become" something that I don't wish to be? Wouldn't it make sense that I try to become what I want to be? Surrounding myself with songs that build me up to where I'm going, instead of tearing me down or hindering me just doesn't make sense to me. My life is my music, and my life is to serve God. Therefore, my life, which is my music, should be serving God.

So if you fully believe in God, believing in the spiritual world just comes with that. The devil, demons and angels, basically. The devil was the "Angel of Music" in heaven, the highest angel there was. He became arrogant in his beauty and status, he was prideful, and he wanted to be higher than God. So God kicked him out of heaven. The devil influences people in a lot of ways and through a lot of stuff. And if he was the Angel of Music in heaven, I'm sure he still has a thing for music. So what does it make sense for him to influence people in most? Music. Duh. I'm sure he has his hold on a lot of music out there, but no, not all of it.

I believe when someone creates music, a part of them goes in it. I also believe each person has demons assigned to them specifically, and if they fall into their influence on their normal day-to-day life, then they create music, their music will have a piece of that in it. Then you come along, completely innocent and not in the wrong at all, and listen to their music. A part of you becomes the music, just like I said earlier. And now the influence is on you, too. And sure, it's impossible to know the personal lives of the people you listen to and what they let influence them, but that's why I don't even take the chance. Listening to music that is only created by Christians, means that as Christians they constantly struggle to stay close to God, which means they fight to stay away from the devil's influence.

But same for Christians, if they let God influence them on their day-to-day life, then create music, a part of them will go into their music. Which also means their Godly influence goes in there. And as for me, I want God's influence and only His.

I don't know if this is actually considered a "reason", I think a bonus would fit a little better. But I love knowing everything there is to know about music in my world, if your music has no limits, then you can never know everything there is to know. I love knowing no one else knows how exciting it is. I love the encouragement it brings me. I love it when I break someone's "Christian Music" stereotype by telling them their favorite band is actually Christian. I love having people look at my iPod and saying "Wow, this is all Christian music? You have more music than I do!" I love the thrill it brings me. I just love it all.

Here's the last reason. The number one reason - it's just for me. That sums it all up right there. I have a desire for Christian music. It's my thing. God has a plan for everyone, and He'll put desires in your heart so you enjoy exactly what He wants you to do with your life. I don't know what yet, but somehow, in someway, I know He'll use my desire for Christian music in his overall plan for me.

I can't wait for that day. But until then, I'm just keeping my mind open to whatever He calls me to do in the meantime.

As always <3,


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