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Why We Do What We Do

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Everyone wants to feel like a victim.

Everyone wants to feel unique. And then everyone assumes they're being persecuted because of it. Ask an unhappily single girl why she's single. Because she doesn't wear Abercrombie and Hollister? Because she has morals and doesn't show cleavage or wear tight clothing? Because guys like girls that wear more makeup? Because she won't sell out?

It's the fault of society! Guys look for the wrong things in girls! The media is filling men with WRONG VALUES!

It's anyone's fault but her own. No, it's not because she's shy and doesn't put herself out there. Certainly not because she awkwardly fiddles with her pencil and stares at her desk whenever a guy tries to start a conversation.

The blame game is everyone's favorite game.

All your suffering is the result of the world's prejudice! Find a scapegoat! Ohmygod, that girl looked at you. AND she's wearing Hollister. She MUST be judging you! Oh, if only she had your open mind.

Of course we judge each other; yes, we use labels.

That's because we're human.

You're not above it. You do it too, every day, every time you look at someone.

I wear makeup every day. My clothing choices drift towards the sleazier side of mainstream.


Because it's what I like.

Because it gets me what I want.

Because I don't have to think about it.

Because I don't have some incredible need to show how awesome and original I am through my clothing.

There's nothing wrong with wearing what you want. If you want to wear a tutu and magenta rain boots, go ahead, I guess. Of course people will judge you. If I pass you on the street, I'll think "Jesus, someone loves attention."

Maybe you'll see me looking. You'll look right back; maybe glare a little because you're above that, you don't care what people think. And while you're glaring, your eyes will drift down to my outfit. If someone's with you, maybe you'll roll your eyes and comment on "Ugh," you'll say. "She's so shallow!"



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