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Before You Start Rocking

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Most people on Whyville would state that music is their life. I would do the same. Have you ever gone to a concert for your favorite bands? Are you planning too? Need help preparing? I did too for my first concert. I was going with a couple friends who had gone to concerts, yet, I would look like a "dweeb" if I asked them. I was thirteen at the time, and I have been addicted to concerts ever since. I am here to save the day with a helpful guide to concerts.

To start off, get your tickets early. They can sell out easily and it's a drag to try to buy tickets to a concert while you're standing in line. It's illegal to scalp, and it isn't fun buying one. You'll end up paying double or sometimes triple the cost just to see your favorite bands perform. You can sign up for a weekly newsletter for different ticket providers so that you don't forget about buying them early. Another controversy is over where your tickets are in the venue. I always spring for a mosh pit/general admission area. I love being that close to the band and standing up for three to four hours doesn't phase me. You might not like that, so make sure you have an option to sit if you don't want to mosh.

As I said, I always buy pit/general admission seats. I get to a concert extremely early, so I can be towards the stage. It depends for the concert. The last one that I went to was Cute is What We Aim For, and the doors opened at eight at night. I got at the venue at two in the afternoon. There were three other groups in front of me. Sweet! It was an enjoyable show, from the front row. Other shows, like Boys Like Girls and Panic At the Disco I had to get there at six and eight in the morning to get a good spot. But, it doesn't bother me.

If you are planning on waiting, I suggest bringing lots of water. I bring gallons of it . . . literally. Something to do while you're waiting -- I just text people on my cell phone. Texting twenty people at a time is fun. Confusing, yes, but it wastes time. Another thing to bring is ice. If you get overheated, just put an ice cube on your wrist and your body temperature cools down. I learned that from a concert where it was 90 degrees fahrenheit outside and it was brutally hot just sitting there.

BRING SUNSCREEN. At an All Time Low concert last month, I took a lot of pictures with people from All Time Low and other bands that were performing. I was sunburned in my pictures! You also need to bring money, for emergencies and (if you want) merchandise. My last must-have for waiting is friends. I suggest that you go to concerts with a group of people, to waste time talking, and also if you need to leave the line at any time.

At one part of the day you're going to need to use the bathroom, or go get something to eat. I suggest you know the area the venue is in. Most of the concerts I go to are in Detroit, so there are restaurants with restrooms and cheap fast food. If you go with friends, this helps because a person or a couple of people can stay in the line while the rest of your group gets food or goes to the bathroom. You don't lose your place in line.

As for in the concert venue, make sure you wear tennis shoes, especially if you're in a mosh pit, or area where people can step on your feet. Another thing you might want to bring is a camera, to take pictures of the concert and of you and people afterward. Also, a cell phone, in case you lose your group or you want to call someone during a song, or anything along those lines.

If you're like me, I collect everything I get from concerts. There's usually a "Street Team" that hands out posters and stickers and flyers to different bands and shows. I collect everything and put it in my mini backpack. I suggest you bring one, but some people just rely on their pockets.

I also bring along cards from the game "Apples to Apples" and get them signed by different famous people. I have gotten one huge deck signed and I collect them. It's a lot of fun. I've gotten the Jonas Brothers (not a big fan, but my younger brother is), There for Tomorrow, Panic At the Disco, Cute is What We Aim For, Secondhand Serenade, 3OH!3, Katy Perry, Hit the Lights, All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Metro Station, The Maine, Good Charlotte, Cobra Starship, Say Anything, and many, many more. I also get my picture taken with the bands. It's a lot of fun to show people and it reminds me of the concert.

Hope you enjoy your next concert,
Reesa (bsbaluvr5)


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