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So You Want to be in the IB Program?

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Hey there, Whyvillians! Monet1616 here, bringing you information on a well known program throughout the world, the IB Program!

IB stands for International Baccalaureate, and it gives an advanced education for the smarter and average student. The IB Program has 2,390 schools, and in these schools, worldwide, there is a total of over 651,000 students. I'm one of those students! Do you want to be one of them, too? This article will definitely help you get into the best schools you can be in, or my name is Shnoodle Mcginckali (it's not!).

Step One: Your Grades

In order to get into these lovely schools, you need to have A's and B's. You need to be able to drop everything for your school work, except for your family. If you put your friends, or boyfriends and girlfriends first, you can expect to be dropped from the program, or not be accepted at all.

If you struggle in the IB Program, most of their schools offer free tutoring after school and on Saturdays. If you start falling behind, you will be required to attend a certain amount of tutoring time in a week, and Saturday school. Don't worry! These schools usually set you up to succeed, and if you excel in a category, they'll bump you up a grade into another class.

Step Two: Find a School Close to Home

You obviously can't go to a school that is out of the way of your parents or a bus! You and your parents should discuss options and talk to the principal or assistant principals of those schools. Find out the soonest registration and back to school nights. When you get to the school, discuss transportation and who should pick you up if you become sick or need someone to come and get you. Remember, you need to be committed to your schoolwork.

Step Three: Registration and Interviews

Getting into these schools isn't all that easy for everyone! You need to go to a registration and do an interview before you can get into a school like this. I didn't do an interview, but I would imagine that you would be asked questions about your education, where you attended school, your strong classes, and your weak classes. Don't be nervous! Imagine that you're talking to your mom or dad.

Tips for Step Three:

Dress nicely! If you go into the building dressed like you're going to your basketball game, that might give them the impression that you don't take your education seriously. Why would they accept someone who doesn't take their education seriously when they can accept a child who may not be as smart as you, but tries and takes their education seriously?

Step Four: Accepted or Denied

If you get accepted, that's wonderful! But if you get denied, don't give up hope. You can always try again towards the end of the school year. Just keep trying, and they'll see your effort and how seriously you take things, and you may just get accepted! Try for many schools, because there's a chance you will get accepted.

If you got accepted, you could definitely get into a good high school and a good college if you play your cards right! Just remember, try hard, take care of yourself, and do your best. Shoot for the stars, and if you miss, you'll always be able to shoot again!

Monet1616, off to go to sleep for school in the morning!

Author's Note: Source: www.ibo.org.


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