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Music has been in my heart and soul ever since I can remember. I can't help smiling at movies during a really powerful music piece. I get a warm shiver through my legs when I hear a really beautiful piece. If you tell me to listen to a music piece, I'll listen to it, whatever it is. Music is my life.

"Music In my soul
I can hear it every day
and every night
It's the one thing on my mind"
-Play my music

I grew up under the influence of music. When I was just a little baby, I would lay down on top of my grandfather's office desk and listen to classical music. When I was just a little baby, a classical composer (now dead) named Maragaret Buechner wrote a song for me. I have the sheet music framed and on my wall. When I was one or two, my grandmother would put on records of Carl Orf's "Street Song" and she would dance with me.

"I've finally found,
The rhythm of love,
The feeling of sound.
It's making a change,
The feeling is strange.
It's coming right back.
Right back in my range."
-Beat of my heart

I wrote my first song when I was three. It was a family gathering with all of my uncles and aunts. At one point, my brother and I decided to do some entertainment. My brother did that with some jokes that were "What do you get when you cross a pickle and a head? A pickle head! Hahahaha!" Later on, I decided that I would do some dancing and singing. I sang that first song, and my uncle loved it. He still asks me to sing it to this day, and I do.

"Walkin' down the road
of a sip of tea
walkin' down the road
that she said
I was walking down the road
that she said
that she sees
and a woops that she said
over day"
-Walkin' down the road (song by me)

In first, second, and third grade, I couldn't stop singing. I always found a song that I wanted to sing, so I would. I would sing my little lungs out. In fact, I sang so much that the other classmates (who had nicknamed me Jellybeans) called it Jellybean Fever. If anyone started to sing uncontrollably, they would say, "Look who has Jellybean Fever!" This was also the year that my grandmother was at an Eastern star thing, and I would sing "Mickey Mouse March" with my older cousin, Sherlyn.

"I am the moon with no light of my own
Still you have made me to shine
And as I glow in this cold dark night
I know I can't be a light unless I turn my face to you"
-You are the sun

Fourth grade was the hardest for me. I thought I was worthless, I had no friends, and my homework was terrible. Sometimes, I even cried in class. Once, some kids tried to steal my lunch tray, so I went to the field during recess and cried. Someone tried comforting me, and then, at one point, my whole class came running out into the field. I ran away from them, even though some of them tried to catch me. That day, I wrote my first song in a long time.

"I want to stay in the sun
Eat ice cream
by the ton
I want to go everywhere I please
not just quit
to follow my needs"
-Stay in the sun (song wrote by me)

After that, I hit fifth grade. My homework started to fall, and I first experienced peer pressure. I wrote songs about that, and I remember one song that I wrote called, "Guardian Angel". My friendship with my friends blew away like how quickly summer comes and goes.

Then, I met my music teacher for fifth grade (let's call him Mr. Brown). Mr. Brown was the most talented music teacher ever, in my opinion. We played Marimbas, which are like big wooden xylophones, and the music of those enchanted me. He wrote a song that sounded a lot like "Street Song" and that's why it means so much to me.

"This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine,
this little light of mine,
I'm gonna let is shine,
let it shine,
let it shine,
let it shine"
-This little light of mine

In sixth grade, I took music class from Mr. Brown again. I don't mean to brag, but usually, I was a little bit better than most of the kids in my class. I started to compose songs on the piano, and I would also write more songs. In the spring, I took the advanced marimba class and played in the summer music festival along with five other advanced marimba-ers. I also joined choir that year outside of school

Now I'm entering 7th grade. I'm remixing some of Mr. Brown's marimba songs on the piano, and teaching myself other songs. I'm taking choir this year, this time as one of my electives, and I hope for a solo. Maybe, just maybe, I will become a music prodigy one day. Next week, I will be singing at Eastern star again, the first time in about four years. Who knows? But from now on, I will live by this quote:

"Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music"
-Ronald Reagan


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