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Okay well if you couldn't tell from the title of the article, I am going to show you how to personalize some little cartoon character doodles. You can make them any way you want, I will show you a couple examples that I have drawn.

First of all draw a head, any random size or shape.

Second, draw on the eyes, they can be big and googly, little and creepy, or covered by sunglasses. Scribble on a nose, line nose fat nose, no nose, any nose! After that draw on a mouth, it can be huge, a line, big lips or a ton of teeth, whatever you want, it's your doodle, do what you want! Oh, almost forgot, add on eyebrows, or a uni brow . . .

For a little extra effect you can add a line under the chin to represent a double chin, flaring out nostrils, squiggles on the cheeks to make it look like your cartoon is blushing, or some funny ears.

For hair this is where it gets really fun, you can have an afro, a beard, bald, pigtails, anything that comes to mind! You can have your cartoon wearing a hat, headband, rubber ducky . . . Wait how can someone wear a rubber ducky on their head? Oh wait it's a cartoon! Yeah well anyways, you can customize it however you want! And wanna know what the best part is? You don't have to be a good artist to make an awesome doodle!

Who said that the doodles always have to be human? You can make a cat with an Afro, a creepy green alien, or even a toaster!

Okay, let's say it's your friend's birthday, you don't feel like buying her a card, you would rather make one yourself. You could aways put one of your doodles on the front! If your friend likes dinosaurs, french fries, guitars, and muffins, you could always draw a doodle of a dinosaur eating french fries, playing the guitar wearing muffin shoes. Get creative! Your friend will think it's cool!

You don't have to be an artist to make a great looking doodle, all you need is to use a permanent marker NOT a pencil. If you use a pencil, yes you will be able to erase any mistakes you make, but it looks more like a cartoon when you use marker. And if you mess up, that just makes your doodle look all the funnier!

Be creative. Express yourself through a doodle.

I would love to hear some constructive criticism on this article, so PLEASE use the BBS, also I would like to make another article like this, but only for more realistic doodles. Tell me what you think!



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