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My Views On Music: Originality

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Music comes in many different forms. There are so many genres in music. When someone asks me my favorite type of music I never know how to respond. I can't pick a favorite. They're all so beautiful in their own way. Sometimes I'll just crave a certain genre. I love how if I hit shuffle on my iPod it'll go from emo to country to rap to techno to screamo in the matter of seconds. I just like having variety.

Then I'll look at someone else's MP3 player. I'll go through the artists, recognizing most of them, and all I see is rock, rock and some more rock. I just can't help myself from thinking "They must not be very original, everyone listens to this" (Rock is an example, any genre would fit)

Seriously, people do not know what they're missing out on by limiting themselves to one genre. If you like music, there's a good chance you like more than just one kind.

"Wait, wait," you say. "Why is Andrea talking about limiting your genres? Doesn't she only listen to Christian music?"

I don't know how many times I've heard that one. Ah, I'm here to break, yet again, another Christian music stereotype. Christian music is NOT a genre. A genre is something that classifies the music to a category by is how it sounds. You can't tell if music is Christian or not by how it sounds. And there is Christian music in every genre there is.

Have you ever experienced the feeling to have loved and known and supported a band when they were small and unknown, then a few years later they're huge and everyone is talking about them and YOU knew them first? It's a great feeling, knowing you discovered them first. The feeling alone is rewarding and the bragging rights aren't too bad, either.

Try something new. Go to somewhere like purevolume and just browse artists in some crazy genre that you've never tried. You may be surprised and find a new favorite band (and who knows? They could be the next big thing!) Don't just stick to mainstream. Is there good stuff in mainstream? Sure. But is that all of the good stuff? No way! Don't limit yourself to the stuff on MTV. Don't let them decide what you listen to. Listen to the type of music you like, but make sure you're not missing out on other music you may like too.

If you tried country and don't like it, then you just don't. If you like the Jonas Brothers, then you just do. There's nothing you can do about your taste, so be proud about it. Go around in your favorite band t-shirts. Let people know your a Jonas Brothers fan. Just I beg of you, don't be ignorant about music. If you only like pop and nothing else, that is fine. I may call you crazy, but as long as you have tried different stuff and realized you really only like pop, then props to you.

So go out there, find those bands that are just waiting to be discovered by you. Be original. Be a little crazy. Be proud. Just make sure you like what you listen to.

Off to buy a Jonas Brothers shirt,

(Just kidding! But really, they're not so bad ;))


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