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Paying Your Dues

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Paying Your Dues

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You are now entering Whyville. Population: 150 000. Welcome to the greatest city ever. The one fault of the people here, isn't really a fault at all. It is that they are human. (Unlike me and Lindsay who are stinky cheese!! Sorry, Linds!!) Like any human nowadays, they want the most they can get, and they want it as quickly as possible. I am sure you know what I mean. They all want the highest salary.

I earn 84 clams a day. I am a member of Club Why and as of right now I am trying to complete my house. There are a lot of people in Whyville that wanna be in style, and wear the latest fashions, and some things I do too, and these can cots LOTS of clams. It's all about the money. So, how do you make your money?

There are lots of people in Whyville who don't bother to do the work in the games themselves. They give their friends their passwords and get them to do it for them. Or they get the answers mailed to them by a veteran wanting to help out a newbie. What's the point in even having a salary and having games to earn it if so many people don't take the time to do the games themselves?

What about the people who have worked hard to do their own salaries without any help? I did my salary myself. My friend helped me get 6 clams, and I knew what I was doing, it just didn't work on my computer. Now all of my friends want me to raise their salary. I helped them at first, but then I realized, I did the work, they should have to as well.

Lots of people ask for clams. I don't think that is fair. The money people have is theirs, and they earned it. You should earn it too. It feels really good to have a high salary that you earned yourself. Believe me.

So, here are my tips that I have learned from experience. They include everything from making your clams go to farthest, to saving up, to getting a higher salary.

1. If you need money fast, the Treasure Hunt is a great place. I had some problems with this at first. Britannica.com is a great place to start doing your research, and your parents will also know some of the answers. Remember to read the directions carefully!!!

2. If you want to save up for something, such as Club Why, it's not that hard. If you do the treasure hunt, you'll already have a percentage of your money. Don't limit yourself to not spending anything at all. If there is something you would like, but are trying to save up, make a deal with yourself that until you have enough money to buy what you want, you'll only spend 15% of your salary. That is the best trick. Some days, if there's nothing you absolutely need, don't buy anything.

3. Ask for help, not the answers. Ask for what to do, not for what the answers are. Again, Britannica.com and your parents or your teacher are a great help for anything.

4. If there is something you want, but it costs lots and lots of money, buy something like it. Most of the time there is a cheap thing and one that costs three times as much that are very much alike. So shop around!

5. The last thing that I want to say is that you should donate to Grandma regularly. Remember being a newbie? If you donate 5 items every Sunday, you'll help lots of people. Remember, "Do unto others as you would have done unto you." You wanted to have a face to get you started, so now let someone else have one. Some things you can get and give there at Grandma's are perfect. I still have the eyes and contacts that I got the first day I joined, months ago, from Grandma.

So pay up to Whyville. Do it yourself! And remember, it's not always about the clams (JK)!

This Giggler01, and with my donated eyes, I'll be watching you!!



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