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Easy Clams

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Easy Clams

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Hey Whyvillians! It's me, Foxy20, and I want to talk to you about CLAMS! Everyone needs them, but how do we get them? LoL. This article will tell you how to make clams! It's really easy...

1. Skater Game: Your goal is to make the skater spin as fast as possible.

  1. Simple instructions:
    You place her arms and legs different positions by clicking on the colored dots to move her joints. As you do this, you can see if she spins faster or slower. Keep on moving the joints around and TRY TO MAKE HER SPIN AS FAST AS SHE CAN to get a higher salary. But be careful because she might fall if you move her into an unstable position!!

2. Spin Game: Your goal is to make the objects spin as fast as possible in a set amount of time.

  1. Simple Instructions:
    You have to move the object around by simply clicking on the object and dragging it. You can also move it by clicking the East, North, West, South buttons to move the object in that direction. Then you press the Start button. The object will spin until the motor rotating the disk runs out of power (after 100 ticks). Watch the simulation to see how well it's spinning, and check the Spin-o-meter to see how fast you got it to go! You can also pick different objects to see if they go faster or slower.

3. Sunspot Puzzle: This one is so easy! You just have to find the sunset and sunrise time near your city! That's it!! You click the Data Machine and when the screen pops up, you type the information about the sunrise and sunset times!

4. House of Illusions: This one is pretty easy, too! LoL.

  1. Simple instructions:
    Click on the image to activate it. Use the arrow keys to explore the gallery. Hold down a SHIFT key and the left or right arrows to slide sideways. Click the mouse on a picture to learn more about it. All you have to do is walk through the house and look at the illusions, and it raises your salary!

5. Alien Rescue Game: Can you help Maive find his lost alien friends? They've left messages on the UFO answering machine to help Maive rescue them, but he needs your knowledge of the places here on Earth and the way the Sun moves. All you have to do is choose a month and day you suspect the alien might be. Then click the location of WHERE you think he is. Then click "RUN". THAT'S IT! If that doesn't work , keep on trying until you find the the alien!

6. The Great Balloon Race: Your Mission: To fly your balloon over the target and drop your bean bag smack in the red bull's-eye. Landing your balloon safely will get you a bonus. If you still need help on this game, just press "Instructions -- Ignore at Your Own Peril" at the bottom of the screen!

7. Dance Creation: This is one of my favorites! It's very easy, too! You need at least 20 clams to make a dance, though. Once you have the clams, all you have to do is press the buttons on the bottom to move left, right, back, forward, etc. Then you press "SAVE." If you want to see the dance you made, simply press "DANCE".


Well, these were some of the games I play to make clams. Thank you for reading this article! Buh-Bye! =)



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