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Whyville Pact

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Whyville Pact

Veteran Citizen

Hi, this is neopets1, oldbie. I'm here to ask you all a favor. A BIG favor for some. I want all of you to sign a pact. And here it is:

I, __*Your name here*___, will not swear in any way, shape, or form on Whyville, because there are little kids there.

I will understand that Whyville will not build strip clubs, gambling casinos, or anything like that because those things are not cool.

I will understand that Whyville cannot afford to remove the waiting room, Why-Passes, or anything like that. If they could, they would. Why would they do that if they didn't have a good reason? They want us on the website!

I will donate good stuff to Grandma because I remember being a newbie and how all I had were those awful things from Grandma.

I will create cool face parts so that I can make lots of clams and other people will tell me I make cool stuff!

I will not overprice my cool face parts so that no one can buy them.

I will declare that neopets1 is the coolest person who ever lived!!!


If you agree with my pact, please sign the petition titled, "My Whyville Pact". (I hope this article gets out in time!) Thank you for reading!!!! :)


Editor's Note: What a great idea, neopets1! You're clearly the coolest person who ever lived. ;-) This reminds me of the Code of Honor that Bigfoot Bill was championing a while back. Have you read it? Email the Times and let us know what you think about honor in Whyville!



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