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It Really Happened

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It Really Happened

Guest Writer

Hi! It's BaByLeAh! Sup y'all? I'm here to tell you about how if Whyville is mistreated it can be as dangerous as any other chatting site. I learned the hard way.

You know how they warn not even to give out your first name. No offense, but I personally thought this was stupid. A lot of people agreed with me. Your e-mail address, ya that's okay to give out, I thought. Your address and your phone number? No way!

I guess I wasn't thinking. Please don't think of me differently after you've found out all I've done.

I got a Whyville boyfriend. I do remember his name but I don't think I should tell you for personal reasons. We were chatting on the Sun Roof one day and he asked out of the blue, "What's your phone number?" I was a little edgy, but I thought, what do I have to lose?

I lost a lot.

Once he had my phone number he would not stop phoning! To many of you, this may not be a surprise, but it was to me.

I felt so guilty when my parents kept asking if I knew who was phoning -- he was phoning long distance, and when there's a long distance call in my house everyone's asking, "Who is it??" since I have 9 kids in my family. So, eventually after maybe a week -- and he never spoke! I would just talk in the phone begging him to speak and he wouldn't! -- my father pressed the redial and left a very nasty message on their machine. My parents never found out who was phoning or why, and I'm glad, but I feel sick thinking something a lot worse could've happened.

Next time you're chatting, beware, this could happen to anyone!


Note from City Hall: Good advice! One thing I'd like to add -- if someone ever finds out your personal information, tell your parents immediately! That person could be a danger to you and to them, and you shouldn't let them be ignorant of someone stalking you. Stay safe in Whyville AND out! Thanks for your article, BaByLeAh.



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