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5 Great Things About the New Pick Your Nose

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Based on many well-written petitions and thoughtful comments that Whyvillians have made over the years, the City Workers recently gave the Nose Picker its very own makeover. We know that a lot of people are confused about the changes and so we want to make sure you know about all the cool new features we've implemented to make your face look its very best!

1) Categories

Hate having to scroll through every single part you own just to find that perfect shirt or hair? We've listed your parts under categories to make sorting as easy as can be! Just use the buttons across the top to select which category of part to look for. Then you can use the scroll bar to look through all the parts you own in that category. Even better, the categories in the new Nose Picker are the ones you already use in Akbar's!

2) Search

You know that one cool part you bought ages ago, but you can't remember exactly what category it went under? Well, that's why we added the search function, so that if you know the category, name, or even part of the name you're looking for, you can find it super fast!

3) Highlights

Remember how you used to get your face lined up just right, but as soon as you tried to move your eyes, your face got selected by accident, and before you knew it you had to start all over again? We hated that too! So now when you move your mouse over a part it gets highlighted to make it easier for you to click on the right part. Sweet!

4) Forward & Backward

To make it even easier to arrange your parts, we've created buttons below your mirror so that you can easily position parts on top of one another. Just click the part you want to move, and then click either MOVE FORWARD or MOVE BACKWARD to move that part in front of or behind your other parts.

5) Arrows

We've also added arrow buttons so that you can arrange your face parts with precision! Click a part on your face to select it, then use the arrows to move the part left, right, up, or down. You can also select a part and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the part pixel by pixel. Pretty neat, huh?

These are just 5 of the cool new improvements we've made to the Nose Picker based on your suggestions. You can also select a part and click the trash can to delete it, see images of all your parts, and get a better idea of what parts will get cut off in a chat screen. We know it's a big change, but we're sure you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly!

Here are a few pictures!


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