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A Letter on Pearls

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Dear Whyvillians,

I know it is an old subject now but I would like to briefly resurrect the subject on Pearls. Most of the concepts of Pearls I do not disagree with. Indeed, there seems to be little difference between them and an ordinary WhyPass (though I have not extensively compared them). Although this, I wish to make a complaint on the subject of Pearls buying WhyPets.

You see, as far as I can gather, WhyPasses and Pearls are intended to be a method by which Whyvillians can donate to Whyville and have their experience of the site enhanced. However, I have always felt that it should not limit certain parts of Whyville to other Whyvillians. The reasons behind this are clear. Some children can simply not afford to pay for these Pearls or their parents are unable/won't give them the money. Is it fair that these Whyvillians (of whom I am one) should have part of the site cut off from them. Giving extra satchel space for face parts or exclusive seating at the Greek Theatre is different as this does not cut Whyvilians off from certain features of Whyville. It enhances them.

WhyPets can only be bought with Pearls. This means that a number of citizens will not be able to buy WhyPets. I ask you Whyvillians, is this fair? Will future Whyvillians get to a point in "the game" and feel they need to start paying money in order to do anything else? What are Pearls really about? Lastly, would people stop buying them if WhyPets were made (a little bit but not completely) more available to non-paying Whyvillians?

I firmly believe that WhyPets should become accessible to non-paying Whyvillians. If indeed only as the Face Factory is accessible. Available at certain parts of the day or if you get a voucher.

Yours faithfully,



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