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The Panel: Whyville Senate

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Back in 2003 City Hall announced that Whyville was to hold its first Senate Race. Ever since then, the race has been a very successful asset to Whyville. Over the past few years Whyville has come across good and not-so-great Senators that have (majority of them) lead Whyville to its success along with the City Workers. Currently we have three senators that are in power, Peachadee, Wiliis4 and Ps2man1. They have been in the Whyville Senate for almost a year, so congratulations to them.

Whyville expects a Senator to be able to show and express excellent leadership qualities and present a keen passion for the role. A Senator should communicate between citizens and City Workers, influence change and also be an active citizen through chat and other applications of Whyville.

Peachadee who is one of our current Senators asked me to clear up a certain point that she has been trying to clear up with people for a while now

"Everyone understand that Senators are not responsible for your actions and we can not get back banned accounts and we can not un-tape people. Senators have limited powers, therefore we don't have the access to perform such actions."

So again we have our panelists who will all give their opinions on the Whyvile Senate Race/System. Unfortunately ooooopppp has been finding it hard lately to find the time to contribute to the series so again this week I would like to welcome back Ferrari5x to the panel.

Jank03: What is your general opinion on the Senate race here in Whyville?

Peachadee: It is a great tool to teach kids about the good and evil parts of campaigning.
Rex13: I like the Senate race.
Ferrari5x: I like it, it's one of the best ways to get Whyvillians involved and active in Whyville and it makes people feel like they're connected with the system.
Holiday50: It's a useless popularity contest. When the Senators get elected, they don't keep their promises.
Wicked777: I think the Senate race is an opportunity for people to learn about politics.

Jank03: Is the Senate race over-rated?

Peachadee: I can understand why someone would want to be a Senator . . . but if they realized the only benefit is getting a leafy crown, I don't think people would fight so much for the spot.
Rex13: I think it is. The people with the real ideas don't get many votes. Only the popular Whyvillians do.
Ferrari5x: No, I don't think so. I would've said, "Yes" a year or two ago, but now I think it's just a good way to have fun. What's more important than that?
Holiday50: Absolutely. It's a waste of time and the outcome is always the same. Whyvillians elect a seemingly good Senator and in the end, the Senator neglects their duties.
Wicked777: The people I know barely ever talk about the Senate race. I think it's actually underrated.

Jank03: Is Senate worth running for?

Peachadee: If you want to be popular and the envy of all the little kids you stepped on to get to the top, yes, it would be worth running for.
Rex13: No, because unless you have a lot of support, you don't have a chance.
Ferrari5x: Of course!
Holiday50: Yes, because it's a secret goal that every Whyvillian has. It's your chance to see if you have the power or reputation to influence Whyvillians.
Wicked777: It's worth running for if you're really going to make a difference. Someone who enjoys politics, has good ideas, and knows how to make change will definitely find it worthwhile.

Jank03: Have you ever run for a Senate position here in Whyville?

Peachadee: Why yes I have!
Rex13: Yes.
Ferrari5x: Oh sure, quite a while ago.
Holiday50: No.
Wicked777: Nope! If I ran for a Senate position, there would be an angry mob coming after me with pitchforks in the night.

Jank03: Will you ever run? If so, do you think you will be successful?

Peachadee: I would run again, I think I would be quite successful.
Rex13: I might run again if the Senate race ever comes around again. I don't think I will be successful.
Ferrari5x: I haven't decided. Could be fierce competition this year.
Holiday50: I'm undecided. I think for now, I'll just help good candidates with their campaigns.
Wicked777: Like I said. Angry mob. Pitchforks. Night. I'd prefer to keep my limbs, thank you.

Jank03: Do Senators actually contribute to change here in Whyville?

Peachadee: I commend them for trying, Senators come into the seats with terrific ideas, anticipating to make tremendous changes in our online community. Contrary to popular belief, the Senators don't have the power to change anything. The Senators can only suggest what should be changed and the CW's "consider" the ideas. The answer is usually no.
Rex13: From what I know, no, they don't make change in Whyville. I heard the City Workers don't even listen to them.
Ferrari5x: Yes, they do. It may not always be to the extreme that I'd like it to, but they're useful for relaying information to us anyway.
Holiday50: In the past, Senators actually have made changes to Whyville.
Wicked777: From what I've seen, Senators try to make change, but it's difficult under the current system. Only some small changes have been made because of the Senators.

Jank03: Who has been your favorite Whyville Senator?

Peachadee: Me! Hashanah!
Rex13: My favorite has to be Ps2man1, because I actually helped out with his candidacy by making parts.
Ferrari5x: I have lots of favorites. I got to know Hotboi764 while he was Senator, I admire that he's willing to take an interest in everyone. Mitsuy and Ps2man1 also put a lot of effort into their positions, as well as being great friends.
Holiday50: I don't have a favorite Whyville Senator because I rarely pay attention to Whyville politics. In fact, I don't think I've ever voted for a Senator on this account.
Wicked777: I don't play favorites.

Jank03: Many people are starting to get angry as the Senate race is way overdue, what's your take on the situation?

Peachadee: It was bothering me back in June, when the Senate race was supposed to start again. I was looking forward to a possibly running a second term. After calling Whyville on the phone several times, I came to the conclusion that the CW's will start the race when they want to.
Rex13: It annoys me. A lot of traditional Whyville events our over due. The Senate race is one and so is Solstice Safari. Whyville is all into these new things on Whyville, but how about the old things that Whyvillians enjoyed?
Ferrari5x: I never got a clear answer on when it was "due," so I'll just keep waiting patiently.
Holiday50: They should stop whining. People are only getting angry because they?re anxious to run. I don't really mind that the Senate race is overdue. I know the outcome will be the same.
Wicked777: The Senate race is overdue, but it isn't worth getting angry over. The City Workers have plenty to do without having random citizens attack them.

Jank03: What's your advice to people are thinking to run for Whyville Senate?

Peachadee: Design parts and advertise your stores. People will be more likely to vote for you if they know who you are.
Rex13: Have fun with it. Just try your best to make a change.
Ferrari5x: Watch out for MrCracker.
Holiday50: Run for the right reasons, not for fame, fortune or power. Also, be fair throughout the race. Do not cheat, bribe, force people to vote for you or make promises that you know you can't grant. Furthermore, listen to others and the criticism they give you, and actually improve your platform. Moreover, write a well thought-out platform that focuses on important issues, and propose realistic solutions.
Wicked777: I?d say that if you?re going to run for Senate, don't just do it for the title. Do it because you believe you can really change Whyville for the better.

Jank03: Does the Whyville Senate teach you anything about real life politics and government?

Peachadee: No.
Rex13: Well, I never knew about debates until the Senate elections. Personally, I never really followed it in real life until now.
Ferrari5x: I suppose it teaches a lot about the social factors that are involved. It's a good example of what an election would be like if it were always more about the popularity.
Holiday50: I hope not. The Whyville Senate Race has taught me that politicians are liars, the election is a game, promises are made but never kept and no one runs a fair race.
Wicked777: Definitely. The people who participate learn all about campaigning, swing votes, and demographics.

Jank03: Does the Whyville Senate race compare to real life politics?

Peachadee: In a way, the campaigning does. It gets a little rough and dirty sometimes.
Rex13: It sort of does, I guess, but I mean it's not as bashful.
Ferrari5x: I hope not. If it does, I can't speak too highly of real life politics.
Holiday50: No, the Whyville Senate Race definitely does not compare to real life politics. This is because in real life, people actually care about the issues. Also, the elections in real life are not popularity contests.
Wicked777: The Whyville Senate race is a simpler version of real life politics ? It's like a beginner's course in running for office.

Jank03: Do you think Whyville should change the current Senate system?

Peachadee: Yes yes yes!
Rex13: Yes.
Ferrari5x: Yes.
Holiday50: Yes.
Wicked777: Yes.

Jank03: What do you think could be improved within the Senate race system?

Peachadee: I would appreciate some consistency. If the CW's only have time to do the Senate race once a year, then do it once a year. Don't tell us you have the race every three months if that's not what you actually have time to do.
Rex13: I liked it better when they had only 1 Senator and I liked it better when the Senate race was every other year then every 3 months.
Ferrari5x: Whyville needs to be more involved. The way it is now, we have to go out of our way to even notice what is being done. I think Senators ought to be able to give us updates periodically, showing how much our opinions are considered behind the scenes.
Holiday50: The requirements to write a Senate platform should be tougher. They are too similar to the requirements to become a YHelper. We need experienced candidates with solid ideas, not new members with hopes of becoming famous and making immature Poll Booth ideas come true.
Wicked777: The Whyville Senate race is a simpler version of real life politics, it's like a beginner?s course in running for office.

Jank03: Last thoughts?

Peachadee: a) The Senate race is a popularity contest.
b) Senators can't actually change anything.
c) Senators should have special abilities . . . like being able to tape people for inappropriate behavior, ability to invite people on stage in the Greek Theater, they should also have a WhyPass during their reign (it was a long and rough journey to get to the top!), hold meetings in the Greek Theater for the citizens to share ideas with the Senators . . . no CW required.
d) Change the "reign" to 1 year unless CW's have the time to actually do it every 3 months.
Rex13: Nope I think I covered everything
Ferrari5x: Just enjoy it, it's not such a big deal!
Holiday50: The chances of Whyvillians electing a good Senator and the chances of a Senator actually fulfilling their duties, is like Akbar accepting shirts below the solar plexus. Wicked777: The Senate race is important to Whyville, people should get involved. It's a great chance to learn about politics, develop leadership skills, and fight for a cause that matters.

Thank-you to all the panelists for this week, your contributions are much appreciated. So for this particular article I have decided to go straight to the source of a real life Whyville Senate Candidate. MrCracker, also known as Dave to some is identified as a very well knowledge Whyvillian who loves to help anyone in need of guidance. MrCracker, much like our panelists, is one of the most influential minds we have resident in Whyville. He was luckily enough to be honored last week for his never ending commitment and dedication her serves our site by becoming the Whyvillian in the Spotlight. Congratulations to MrCracker.

So by now you are all wondering what such an all knowing mind would say about the current Whyville Senate system? Well I was fortunate enough to catch up with him earlier this week and this is what he had to say about the matter.

MrCracker: In my honest opinion, the current system is WHACK! In the little writing space that I have, I will give some brilliant ideas on how to improve the current system.

I have beef with the report button. Every day I dread going to sleep, knowing that it'll be there in my dreams to haunt me. I remember the night the catastrophe hit. Right before bed, I had put up my platform along with all the other ninnyhammers that were running against me. As I lay down to sleep with my beautiful barbie doll, I dreamt of all the votes I would have in the morning. Little did I know that during the night, my nemesis hewhowillnotbenamed decided to go out and report all of the innocent platforms. When I woke up that morning to check my winning platform, it was GONE! This caused me to lose. So I beg Whyville, if someone is reported, take the time to review the report before the platform is removed. The automated removal system currently in place must be DESTROYED!

Another problem I see with the current system, is the ability for people to see who voted for a certain candidate. Let's look at this in real life. Recently we had an election in the United States. The whole voting process is anonymous. I don't know who my friend voted for unless he tells me. Also, if one of the candidates is a Whyvillian's friend, then that Whyvillian may feel obligated to vote for his friend even if he isn't the best of the candidates like me. If this Whyvillian doesn't vote for his friend, the candidate will know because the Whyvillian's name will not appear on his platform and this may cause bitterness between the two.

Also I believe that everyone that wishes to run for Senator should have the same chance at being elected. Their should be a deadline for submitting your platform, and once the deadline is hit, Whyville should put the platforms up at the same time. This gives everyone the same amount of voting time. I have seen many Senate races in my time and have noticed that if someone forgets to put their platform up on the first day, they get behind by a couple hundred votes and miss their chance at sweet sugar-coated victory.

Thank-you for your time MrCracker, your opinion is obviously an important one.


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Author's Note: Any OnYourBox comments sent to my main account Jank03 will be deleted so please send them to the above account (OnYourBox).

Next week's topic: The Whyville Times

A few weeks ago we put out the call for opinions on the Senate Race, so we have one valid entry for this week. Thank-you to Labrador8 for contributing to the segment.

Labrador8: The next Whyville Senator should know a lot about Whyville. They should have a good platform, be kind to all Whyvillians, and listen to the people. They need to bring in some changes that the people of Whyville are asking for. Maybe even read the petitions and get those things into Whvyille. The new Senator should be involved with the city of Whyville and its citizens. They should talk with the people of Whyville and become friends with them. At least let Whyville citizens know they are appreciated. Now if they want to be voted they should have a good platform. As I said before they should put some of the things that people are asking into their platform and bring those changes to Whyville. Have a good day Whvyille.

Well the article is drawing to an end but what do I think about the system/Senate? Well, I am slightly disappointed that CW's promised the race a long time ago and nothing has been done. Though, they have been busily adding and improving things to Whyville, so I don't blame them for it being later. However, I would like to see a response by a CW for an update on the race.

Until next time,



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