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LH1995: Amy is smoking. best girl ever.
Nicenfun: Amy is a beautiful woman, I love her, she's gorgeous.
Theirs: Amy is like awesome. Like, Chuck Norris could beat her in an arm wrestling match, but he would have to tap into his extra power. That takes a certain level of win.
MrCracker: Amy is cooler than Dick Chaney.

These are only a few of the amazing things about Amy, or Mokey6, as you may know her. Her contributions to Whyville are endless, but still not the most important things about her. She may be a Y-mail helper, she may be a Gold Street Team member, she may be a Times Writer and a Whyville Poet. But those are things anybody on Whyville can be. Amy is so much more than that.

Amy isn't like most people I know. And to me, that's definitely a good thing. Amy doesn't follow the crowd. Actually, most of the time she's leading it. Although it may be frustrating to her sometimes, with her unique styles and dare-to-stand-out attitude, her peers can't help but copy her.

Amy has the kind of personality you can't help but like. She's one of those people that everyone wants to be friends with. And she's willing to be friends with everyone. She shines.

Amy is one of the greatest friends I have. You can really trust her, and I know I can always tell her anything. One of the things that helps us connect is she's willing to give anything a try. Most of the time people think the music I listen to or the shows I watch are weird, and aren't willing to give them a try. But Amy was daring, and now we share the love of some of our favorite bands.

We also watch a lot of shows together, even if we don't know each other in real life. We always watched "The Mole" together and to keep things interesting made bets on who was going home or who was going to win. I always won. Muahahaha.

Amy and I are also going to share a husband one day. (Yes Amy, I guess I can share Jesse with you. Even though it would be amazing to have him to myself. See what a great friend I am?) It takes real friends to be willing to share a husband, folks. That's why me and Amy are definitely true friends. She's not the kind of person to fake a friendship to be nice, or for her own benefits, and you can tell just by talking to her. She's awesome.

Amy is hilarious. Most of our conversations are weird and crazy, like us. We just laugh and have fun, and in my opinion the best kind of friend is the kind you can laugh with.

Overall, Amy is one of the nicest, funniest, and unique people I know. I want to thank her for being a great friend through thick and thin.

This is Morgan612, bringing back Whyvillian in the Spotlight (even if that means I have to write one every week).


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