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The Right Thing

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There's a fork in the road, left or right. The right thing to do is usually the hardest because the path is littered with temptations. There is no right and wrong; there's only gray matter, the idea of right and wrong is skewed by your own perception of reality.

Everyone around me wanted to spend the day at the beach of France instead of helping the people of France. It was my vacation to Europe; my time to relax away from family and experience new things. The other kids on the trip looked at the square building set in France, as if it was a prison. But I looked at it as if it was an opportunity with welcoming arms ready to embrace who ever came. I saw this as actually getting to the people of France instead of passing them on the street.

One group worked in a tiny closet the other in an air-conditioned warehouse. My group, of course, was in the tiny suffocating closet. But we all made the best of it and cleared the closets in minutes, finding some very interesting things, such as a stuffed ferret. The whole time my friend, Tracie, and I were laughing and choking on dust simultaneously. When we walked out of the building on a small weathered wooden table were lemonade and sandwiches. How we reacted you would have thought that it was the Holy Grail that sat in front of us. At that moment, I knew I chosen the right thing. In some ways doing the right thing instead of what I had wanted to do had fulfilled me more. But was my choice the right choice for everyone? Someone else in my group could have had a horrible time and they felt like they could have helped better by doing something else.

But how do we reach these conclusions? When you are born you have no sense of right and wrong. But you are gradually taught; your moral compass is adjusted. So, in theory your idea of right and wrong could be completely different for someone else. For example a sexist believes that they are the superior gender and that the lesser gender is weaker and less capable. Or in Africa they mutilate young girls as part of their religion. Gay rights and abortion are another issue that illustrates the power struggle between right and wrong; and also illustrates examples where right and wrong isn't always so clear like kindergarten storybooks. Wouldn't it be easier if everything were black and white like the stories of our past? Everyone has a unique perspective coupled with his or her own values and personal beliefs. Some form of moral value is necessary whether it is religious or from society; without a moral code human society would fall into complete and utter anarchy.

Just like everyone has his or her own purely unique one of a kind fingerprint, everyone has an idea on what the correct thing to do is. Every time you do something right you get a good rewarding feeling; almost like the glow of your skin when you look into a lover's eyes. But its like you're looking into the human soul instead of a lover's eyes.


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