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Want to Write for the Whyville Times?

Have you been reading the Times every week and now you're just itching to write something of your own? Here's how you can be a part of the Times. It's easy:

Simply write up an article and e-mail it to me, the Times Editor at times@whyville.net. IMPORTANT: Use the guidelines in this article to have a much better chance of getting into the paper!

We're looking for all sorts of submissions:

  1. fashion & style reviews
  2. reports on recent Whyville happenings
  3. interviews of Whyvillians
  4. how-to guides on how to enjoy Whyville and do well
  5. reviews on books, movies, games, etc.
  6. science articles and stories (be creative!)
  7. and all sorts of stories, poems, even jokes!

Hope to hear from you all!

Times Editor

NOTE: Please be aware that once you've emailed us your article, even if it is accepted for publication, it may take a while for it to show up in the paper. We won't be able to notify you on the status of your article. The reason for this is that we get hundreds of emails every week -- if we spent time replying to them, we'd never have time to publish a paper! :-) We reserve the right to edit all submissions before they are published in the Times.

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