What Kids Say


I think whyville is very fun!! Theres a lot of things to do and u can get so much! Whyville is amazing!!

Whyville's great, and safe. It helped me realize what I want to do when I grow up, and the games are REALLY REALLY fun.

It is great. I like hanging out with my friends!

uh well i think it is awesome i like meeting people from around the
world and getting a chance to know them better i love all the games. i
think whyville is cool.

Ever since I started whyville I really enjoyed logging on here and playing games.It was really fun to know people here in whyville.I hope that more people join whyville.

i think whyville is a great place to come and have tons of fun! Its a very educational place as well as a fun place!Whyville makes learning fun but in a difficult way!I truly love the idea that little characters that we can make up live their lives in real situations.

i think whyville is a great experience to learn about friendship and

W*onderful place to learn
H*ouses and friends you cannot beat
Y*ou will enjoy your stay
V*ery detailed and fun
I*s most definitely the best web site
L*ots of nice people to overtake the bad
L*ovely people to help you
E*xcellent minds and hearts that work together to make it your favorite place


"I would like to express my gratitude for your excellent work developing Whyville. My daughter has benefited enormously from her citizenship in your community and I have directly observed the effects of your efforts in her growth and development. In some ways I regard her involvement with Whyville as having provided her with a more valuable learning experience than her formal public school education."
- Father of Catgirl

"Biscuit loves visiting your site and was so proud that her idea was used by the Whyville Times. She has gained a lot from using your site and has made many new friends. I always recommend Whyville to friends and to the children who attend an internet club that I run at the local school. Keep up the good work."
- Mother of Biscuit

"I love what you're doing with Whyville. I know because my son has shown me around and it looks like a nice place where kids can meet each other under safety. I like the no swearing on Whyville, one of the many great things I have found out about Whyville. Thank you for a safe and fun chat room."
- Mother of Blade14

"I think Whyville is a very educational site and my daughter has worked at perfecting icygal24 about half a year now. It is good to know there is a site a child can use safely. I value the Whyville rules and the site as a whole. I am glad there are rules and regulations to keep the site free from the negative web-site goings-on."
- Mother of icygal24


"Introduce this site to your students for months of science fun! My sixth graders love it! Whyville supports the use of computers by kids the way that scientists use computers: for data collection, data visualization, simulation and modeling, and scientific communication. The site also reflects what we know about learning communities and the kinds of interaction kids seek while learning and having fun."
- Wendy Li
- 6th grade teacher

"We are including a Whyville experience in the pilot distance education piece of our science elementary methods curriculum. After visiting Whyville, I am convinced that it would be great for preservice teachers to experience Whyville over the course of several weeks to see what excellence in electronic learning for kids really can be."
- Dr. Maureen McMahon
- Dept. Chair of Science Education, Cal State Long Beach

"One of the real lights in the echoing darkness of science education is a small independent company called Numedeon, which runs a website called Whyville. Whyville has managed to do the impossible - generate massive interest in science among adolescent girls."
- Education Reform

"Whyville is an imaginative web site that aims to help elementary, middle, and high school students understand and enjoy science. It differs dramatically from most science education sites in its use of avatars, games, computer simulation and modelling, a Whyville newspaper, and interactivity among Whyville participants. Though Whyville is not designed specifically for girls, girls make up more than 60% of its users, an exceptionally high percentage for a science-and-technology-focused site."
- Joan Kornman
- Author of Internet Resources for Women
- Professor of English, University of Maryland

"Numedeon, an Internet technology company, has developed an imaginative, interactive, "inquirybased" educational environment called Whyville.net... (This) is the kind of creative (effort) ... using new technologies, that can significantly enrich the educational landscape for students as well as teachers."
- Lawrence K. Grossman and Newton N. Minow
- "The Digital Gift" a report of the New America Foundation


Arizona State University College of Education Oregon Institute of Technology
California State University, Long Beach Southwestern Pennsylvania
George Mason University Stanford
Georgia Tech State University of New York at Buffalo
Harvard Graduate School of Education University of California, Irvine
Italian Language School University of Maryland
Lousiana Tech University of Michigan
Murray State University University of Missouri - St. Louis