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Silence & Vaporize

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It happens to all of us: you're minding your own business, having fun on Whyville, chatting with friends, and somebody new shows up and tries to annoy you! Maybe they're calling you names. Maybe they're dancing on top of you or your friend's face. It sucks! But, they're not technically doing anything wrong, so you can't file a 911 report without getting in trouble. So what *can* you do?

Well, you're in luck. The Silence and Vaporize tools help citizens of Whyville ignore troublemakers without using the tools reserved for dangerous or suspicious behavior. Everyone wins!

The Silence tool allows you to ignore someone who's bothering you by blocking their chat from appearing on screen. The Vaporize tool hides them completely. To use both, all you have to do is:

  1. Double click on the person that is bothering you.
  2. Find and click "Silence" or "Vaporize" in the drop down menu over that person's face.
  3. Voila!

Remember, Silence and Vaporize only work in the room you're currently in. Once you enter a new room, you may have to use them again!

If you encounter somebody who REALLY won't quit, you might want to PERMANENTLY silence this person. Simply add this person to your address book, flip to the page where you see his picture, and place a checkmark where it says "Silence" so-and-so.

You'll also see there a checkbox for "Block mail from" so-and-so. If you check that, then this pesky person won't be able to send Ymails to you. You'll NEVER have to hear from this person again! (Unless you change your mind.)

That's all there is too it! Happy chatting!

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