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Welcome to the Game Zone Workshop, where you can create games, manage your games, and see which games are most popular in Whyville. You'll get 3 clams every time a new person plays a game you've created.

There are three types of games you can design: WAND, Descent and Birudo.

WAND is a puzzle game where your goal as the wizard is to reach the flag. It may sound simple, but there are many tough obstacles and traps to overcome on your way to the finish line. Oh, and watch out for the dragons! If their fireballs hit you, it's game over!

When playing Descent, your goal is to strategically remove gray and green blocks from the board so that each blue triangle ends up landing on a blue rectangle, without letting any red triangles land on a blue rectangle. As game designer, your goal is to position the game blocks in interesting ways that are solvable but not too easily solvable.

Birudo is a multiplayer game for two players who will take turns removing green and gray blocks from the board. Players want to remove blocks carefully so that no red triangles fall on any blue rectangles.

As our newest game, we're featuring WAND in most of the popular chat rooms on Whyville. Say game in a chat room to teleport to a game room, where you can choose a game of WAND to play with your friends.

To get started, visit either a Group Workshop, where you can design games with your friends, or a Private Workshop, if you'd prefer to have complete creative control over your masterpiece.

Game Type:
Workshop Type:
Group Private

To see which games are most popular in Whyville, click the Top Games link above or the Arcade Machine inside the Game Zone.


If you have already saved games of your own and would like to manage your collection, click the Manage My Games link above or visit the Game Zone area of your satchel.

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The AMD Game Zone is sponsored by the AMD Foundation.