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WhyPets are the newest addition to Whyville! Your WhyPet will come when you call, thrive from your attention, and learn tricks if you train it properly. Take good care of your WhyPet, like you would a pet in real life, and it'll be your constant companion in Whyville.

Get Started Now!

(Buying and caring for WhyPets requires Pearls)

Create: Create and buy your own WhyPet! Choose from tons of colors and parts.
Dress: Dress your pet in awesome clothes and accessories!
Shop: Buy all the food and accessories you'll need from the Pet Store.
Play and Train: Take your pet to Pets Park for fun and training!
Care and Feed: Your satchel's WhyPets Page lists all your WhyPets, food, treats and accessories.

Need help? Read the instructions to learn more!

Creating and caring for a WhyPet requires Pearls, but it's well worth it: there is so much you can do with your WhyPet!

Dress your WhyPet with parts that never expire! Feed your WhyPet to keep it happy and healthy. Play with your WhyPet and train it to do tricks. Then take it to the Pets Park and show it off to other owners!

What are you waiting for? Create a WhyPet and see for yourself!