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Welcome to WAND, the latest addition to the AMD Game Zone! In the tradition of the Game Zone, you can create WAND levels and play WAND at the AMD Game Zone or in chat rooms throughout Whyville.

You can play by:

To create your own WAND game, visit the Workshop!

How to Play


capture the flag


are the wizard


with arrow keys

Cast Spell:

with spacebar

If you make a bad move, you can undo it by saying undo. If you lose, you can say undo to try again from your last safe position.

Grass: This is the ground. You can move on it and cast spells over it.

Wizard: This is you. You can move in four directions and cast spells. Wizards cannot travel over water, and cannot pass through solid objects.

Conveyor: These will quickly move your wizard from one place to another. They won't move anything else, e.g., mirrors, blocks or dragons. You will NOT be able to cast your spell or move while riding on the conveyor. If you need to cast a spell while on them or get off in the middle of one, then push a block onto the conveyor to stop yourself before you get on it.

Underwater Boulder: This is a boulder that has fallen into the water. Wizards can walk on these underwater boulders.

Ice: Ice is very slippery. Anything that can move will slide across the ice until it hits an object. This includes you, the wizard.

Fractured Ice: It is just like Ice, but once something passes over it, it will turn to water. The wizard can slide over thin ice without any problems, but cannot stand on it or it will break and you will fall in.

Bricks: This type of block will be destroyed if your spell hits it.

Tower: This type of block will stop your spells and cannot be destroyed or moved.

Crystal Block: This type of block cannot be destroyed or moved. Your spells will travel through it, but dragons cannot see you through the crystal block.

Dragon: These are enemy dragons that will breathe fire as you cross their paths. If your spell hits them on one of their sides, you can push them around; even into water. Their front sides are vulnerable. If your spell hits them head on, you will destroy them.

Mirror: These can be used to deflect spells when fired at the mirrored surface. If your spell hits the mirror base, the mirror will move.

Flag: This is the target that you must reach to end each level.

Rotary Mirror: These can be used to deflect spells when fired at the mirrored surface. If your spell hits the mirror base, the mirror will rotate clockwise a quarter turn.

Water: The only thing that can swim in this game are the movable blocks,every thing else will sink. Your spells can move over water.

Boulder: This type of block can be moved if your spells come in contact with it. It cannot be shot through or destroyed.

Ghost Dragon: This is an inactive dragon that has fallen to your spell. They will not attack you.

Spell: This is the spell that you cast. It is used to move, rotate, and destroy objects.

Fireball: This is the dragon's fireball projectile. If it touches you, it's game over.

Tunnel: This will teleport your wizard, or any movable object, to the other tunnel entrance.

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The AMD Game Zone is sponsored by the AMD Foundation.