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Some aquatic animals swim with their tails or fins. Some swim fast, others swim slower but make sharper turns. Explore what affects how animals swim! Try This:
  • Try holding the height and width constant and change only the beat frequency. How does speed change?
  • Try keeping all the numbers the same and change only the width or the height. How does that affect turning radius?

Done playing with the sliders and exploring the possibilities? Choose an animal from the drop-down menu and try to find its specific parameters by tuning the sliders. For every two animals you find, you will raise your salary by one clam! Visit your Training Log to check on your progress.

Sorry, your browser doesn't seem to support the canvas tag.
Choose an animal
Aspect Ratio:
10.1 .
Cruise Speed:
1.0 m/s.
Turn Radius:
0000 meters.

Training Log What is Biomechanics? Arena BIOlympics Village
BIOlympics, a part of: