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To prepare for an event, visit the Swim, Run and Bite Training rooms where you can discover which animal excels in what and why. When you succeed in "training" an animal by specifying its biomechanical parameters in one of the Training Rooms, you'll get a check mark in the corresponding box below. Every two check marks will give you a one clam increase in salary!
Animal Bite Swim Run
Barracuda Train Train
Cheetah Train Train
Crocodile Train Train Train
Dolphin Train Train
Dunkleosteus Train
Gar Train Train
Gharial Train Train
Great White Shark Train Train
Hare Train
Horse Train Train
Hyena Train Train
Kangaroo Train Train
Lion Fish Train
Parrot (Macaw) Train
Parrot Fish Train Train
Penguin Train Train
Piranha Train Train
Pufferfish Train Train
Roadrunner Train Train
Sea Turtle Train Train
T-Rex Train Train
Triggerfish Train Train
Tuna Train Train
Training Log What is Biomechanics? Arena BIOlympics Village
BIOlympics, a part of: