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You can collect power around Whyville and we'll pay you clams for doing so!

Why? Because Whyville needs plenty of electrical power to keep everything running, from keeping Dr. Leila's pool clean to manufacturing face parts at Akbar's Face Factory. Most cities the size of Whyville (with over 7 million inhabitants) generate electricity from a variety of sources. In Whyville, we do so with six types of power plants:

  • Coal plants that burn coal to heat water to turn a turbine for generating electricity.
  • Hydroelectric plants that use flowing water to turn a turbine.
  • Nuclear plants that use nuclear fission to heat water to turn a turbine.
  • Natural gas plants that burn gas to heat water to turn a turbine.
  • Solar power plants that use photon transfer within a semiconductor to generate electrical current.
  • Wind turbines that generate electricity using wind power.

Each of these power plants has differing capacities, costs, and impacts on the environment:

  Coal Hydroelectric Nuclear Natural Gas Solar Wind
Capacity (MW) 400 1300 1000 500 100 300
Emissions (kg/hour) 396 23 22 250 5 6
Land Use (acres) 250 15000 42 58 371 15000
Cost in clams 22 20 40 50 3 3
Payoff in clams 32 104 80 40 0-8 0-20

Buying Power Plants

To get started, go to Becky's desk inside the WhyPower Plant and click on the power plant you want to buy. The cost and the payoff for each type of power plant is listed above.

The available plants depend on the vote results for the previous week. For instance, if the town voted to have no nuclear plants, there won't be any of those available this week.

Placing Power Plants

To place a power plant and start earning clams, you have to wear your power plant into a chat room and chat:

  • whypower coal
  • whypower hydro
  • whypower nuclear
  • whypower gas
  • whypower solar
  • whypower wind

Here are some suggested rooms where you can place power plants:

The Meadow
The Playground
WhyPower Outside

Now, not all power plants can be placed in all rooms. For example, a hydroelectric plant sitting on dry land would not do much good.

Hydroelectric plants need to be placed on rivers. Visit Twin Rivers and find a spot for your hydroelectric plant.

Nuclear power plants need a large body of water for cooling purposes, so visit Lake Fishin' to place your nuclear plants.

Now, if the citizens of Whyville have voted to use only clean energy, you cannot place the coal, gas, and nuclear plants in Whyville; however, at all times, you can place them in the practice rooms, regardless of the vote results:

What are you waiting for? Buy some collectors and start placing them today! Delve deeper into Whyville's energy infrastructure and earn clams by making important decisions at Power Planner Central.

Discuss the Electric Farm

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WhyPower is sponsored by the Texas Workforce Commission, the U.S. Department of Labor, and Power Across Texas.