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This game puts you in control of the power plants attached to a city. Your job is to make sure the city has all the power it needs, in the right mix of power plants to achieve your goals.

There are 6 levels of game play. In some cases, you have to complete earlier levels before you can continue on to the next level.

You will earn both salary and clams if you play well.

Tutorial (1 clam salary)
Keep the city supplied with power, any way you can!
Weather and Night (2 clams salary)
Some power plants don't operate consistently the whole day long.
Startup Time (3 clams salary)
Some power plants take a long time to start up. Others start quickly.
Cost (4 clams salary)
Some power plants cost more than others to generate power.
Emissions (4 clams salary)
Some power plants emit more pollutants than others.
Land Use (4 clams salary)
Some power plants take up more land than others.
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WhyPower is sponsored by the Texas Workforce Commission, the U.S. Department of Labor, and Power Across Texas.