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Kinematic Attic : Motion & Speed
Stopwatch and Ruler
The stopwatch and ruler tools in Whyville are not much different than the ones in real life. To use them, follow these steps:
  1. You can use the stopwatch and ruler in only certain rooms in Whyville, not all. Visit any of the following rooms to use these tools:

  2. Say "ruler" to summon a stopwatch and a ruler. You'll see a ruler appear across the bottom of the screen, together with a stopwatch on the right hand side. The ruler measures Whyville's screens in terms of pixels. The stopwatch measures in seconds.

  3. Position whomever you want to time (yourself or a friend) at a starting position. A good starting position is the beginning of the ruler on the left side of the screen.

  4. Click the "start" button on the stopwatch to start it. If you're timing a friend, you might want to coordinate with him or her by saying something obvious like "Ready, get set, go!"

  5. If you're timing yourself, you'll want to then click on your chosen end point as quickly as possible after starting your stopwatch. It's a good idea to not choose an end point that is a hotspot that takes you to another location in Whyville.

  6. As you see yourself or your friend arrive at the designated end point, click the "stop" button to stop the stopwatch.

  7. Most importantly, don't forget to record your data! To enter your data, say
    record username ran x pixels in t seconds
    So, you might say something like
    record Jen ran 300 pixels in 6.2 seconds
    if you are timing your friend Jen.

  8. To do another trial, click the stopwatch again to reset it.

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